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Keith's comments are so brief I miss them, and Nicki gushes about how Janelle is her little marshmallow. "Best vocal of the night so far," she adds, more relevantly. Randy's says he's glad she's being herself, because they like her and the throwback quality in her voice. Mariah calls her "America's Sweetheart," and says that's a nice thing to be. Seems like it would be a little creepy, if you really think about it. You'd be getting calls from six different time zones. Ryan comes out and comments on the irony of an aerobics instructor being called a marshmallow and makes a terrible s'mores pun during her voting instructions. I could have done without that, but to Ryan it was probably the high point of the show.

After the ads, Randy gets delivered a plate of crab legs at the judges' table courtesy of Siegfried and Roy, who are apparently watching. Before getting to sing, Tenna Torres recalls Nicki's feedback about her hair last week, and then appears onstage with a sleeker look than before. She's doing "Lost" by Faith Hill as a power ballad, fumbling a bit with the notes in the chorus if I'm being honest. Keith says she did a great job but warns her not to get distracted by the camera while she's trying to stay in the emotional space of the song. Nicki compliments Tenna's hair and boobs, telling Randy to shut up and stop acting like a "goody two-shoes," when I think she means "middle-schooler." Nicki appreciates the professionalism of her singing. I'm glad someone's being professional around here, speaking of which Randy has to guffaw a little bit about Nicki's shocking inappropriateness before actually moving on to pretty much echoing what Keith and Nicki said, adding that Tenna didn't oversing it. "Nicely said," Mariah lies, going on to compliment how consistent Tenna is and how full her voice is. Ryan comes out and makes another ill-advised joke, saying Mariah and Nicki both liked her fullness. Har har.

Angie Miller talks about how last week in front of the audience was fun, but she's still hoping to top the performance of her original song in Hollywood. I'm not sure how she plans to do that tonight with the Colton Freaking Dixon power ballad she's doing tonight, but at least she's back at the piano and doing everything she can with it. Keith loved it and talks about how great the show is for producing a Colton Dixon who can write a song that can be performed by an Angie Miller here on the same show. Although he makes it sound less incestuous than I just did. Nicki says Angie's spot is already spoken for, and asks her, "Can I just get your album?" Randy says a star is born, and that she's going places. He strings some more clich├ęs together by way of telling her to keep doing what she's doing. Mariah was glad to see her back at the piano, and loved the song enough to get over her disappointment that Angie wasn't doing her own original song. Ryan tells Angie that Colton is watching right now, and invites Angie to say hi to him into the camera, which she does. That could have gotten awkward. Frankly I'm amazed that someone finally got to go near a piano without getting in trouble for either getting up or not getting up.

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