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Adriana Latonio, this season's youngest contestant, talks in her intro reel about the support back home in Alaska without mentioning Sarah Palin, and then does "Stand Up for Love" in a long dress that unfortunately reinforces the impression that she's performing at a beauty pageant. Though she does manage to bellow a big note right at the end. Keith has reservations about the song choice given the level of what they've been hearing tonight, and says it took too long to get to the good part. Nicki takes a little while warming up to saying that "After Angie, Amber, and Kree," Adriana maybe needs to just come back next year with a little more experience. Randy agrees with Nicki (and me) that it was pageant-y, and not what she needed to do. Mariah gets to be good cop at the end as always, saying she was hoping for something a little more soulful from her like before. Ryan teases the night's final performance from Candace coming up after the break, saying she both hedges her bets and lays it all down. I don't think Ryan is getting much time to gamble while he's in Vegas.

After the ads, Candace says she was nervous last week until she got started, so she needs to work on that. She's doing "Ordinary People" by John Legend, and indeed tonight she's so confident that there's no hint of try-hard in her performance whatsoever. It's just solid and confident and good and especially impressive during the bridge and the obligatory run of notes at the end. Keith, Randy, and Mariah get to their feet for her, and Keith talks about the quality of the singers tonight, including her. All Nicki has to offer is a salute. Randy says she sang notes that shouldn't even fit into a chord, and says they might need a wild card or something after tonight, given how many good singers there were tonight. Mariah just thanks her for the performance.

Ryan runs short clips of tonight's performances, with voting instructions on the screen for each one. Not that I don't appreciate the reminder of how bad Zoanette was; if it weren't for her, I'd suggest just going ahead and filling the top ten with everyone we heard tonight and just sending the guys home. It's obvious that everybody involved has a hard-on for another female winner after a long drought anyway, and that seems like the best way to accomplish it. After the clips, Ryan is onstage with all ten of them talking about how this is one of the most talented shows ever, which I'm sure he says several times a year. He gives the appropriate shout-outs and opens the voting before reminding us to tune in tomorrow night to hear the guys. Right, as if.

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