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Steven says, "Neither man nor woman has ever sang that good with that much compassion on this show ever." What's more, he says he's never heard anything like it in his life. Well, as far as he can remember. Jennifer says people might have thought they'd seen everything Josh could do, but they hadn't. Randy says it was one of the best performances in the history of any singing show. Ryan comes out and comments on how the judges were pushing their chairs back to stand up halfway through, and Jennifer says she finally learned what it means to be taken to church. I'm not sure they would have gotten this excited about the actual James Brown.

Jessica's second song is "I Am Telling You," which I guess means she's over the modesty thing. Jimmy says she put Jessica in his own bottom two last week after "Proud Mary" last week, but is blown away by Jessica in rehearsal. And then the actual performance is what you expect from Jessica, telling America she's not leaving and we're going to love her, in no uncertain terms. That was pretty amazing, but the judges are rather slower to stand up for her than they were for Joshua.

"Another winning performance," Steven says. "Tell me how you really feel." Jennifer says she doesn't know who's going to win, and that there's nothing to say, but then goes on for a while anyway. Randy says that Jessica's, Joshua's and Phil's performances tonight were amazing (sorry, Hollie). Randy shoehorned in a shout-out to Julian Lennon in the studio audience, like he's the expert on Dreamgirls or something, and then Ryan gives the voting numbers and rolls the performance recap. But then my sound cuts out halfway through Hollie's replay and doesn't come back until halfway through Joshua's, so I think the fix is in. That last big note of Jessica's segues into Ryan opening the lines and telling us to vote, even if we've never voted before. How did he know? It's like he sees into my soul.

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