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Finally only one slot remains for the six guys still waiting backstage. From among them backstage, Ryan throws it to Keith, who makes them wait even longer talking about how much work they put into picking the top ten. And the last one turns out to be Spencer Lloyd. During the workshop, Spencer was debating whether or not to play his guitar while singing. Adam Lambert and one of the caches told him to go without, whereas Randy thought he should use it. In other words, that's three powerful factors against having the guitar. So he ends up skipping it for the performance, wisely. You know, I've been referring to him as pretty boy Spencer Lloyd all season, and after hearing his singing tonight, I'm going to stand by that. I can't fault his performance style or stage presence, though. Keith didn't think it was his best vocal, but he could see everyone was into it. Jennifer lies that he's here because of his good voice. Harry tells him that his "Say Something" at Hollywood week was his strong suit, but this wasn't. Fortunately Ryan is on hand to cheer him up by presenting him with a handmade banner some fangirls made for Spencer.

Then it's time for the ceremonial presentation of the five losers, including Casey Thrasher, the only Backstreet Cowboy who didn't make it through. There's also that cherubic Jordan kid, that guy named Maurice, and a couple of guys who could switch places in the line between shots and I wouldn't notice. They get to stand there while the judges try to buck them up. Keith tells them they had two great mentors in Chris Daughtry and Adam Lambert, which is a statement I can't imagine even Randy Jackson arguing with. Keith's actual point is that Adam and Daughtry didn't win the competition either, but then neither did Randy. Harry assures them that he's had a million unsuccessful auditions, and their talent will get them through eventually. Just not here.

There's another quick recap of tonight's performances, which unlike the girls' last night actually has a couple seconds of each singer's voice in it. Ryan declares the phone lines open, and tells us that the top ten vote-getters will be named tomorrow, as well as the judges' three wild-card picks. Do you think we could get the judges to pick from the top vote-getters and maybe have a few weeks off the season that way? Just asking.

M. Giant is a Minneapolis- based writer with a wife, a son, and a number of cats that seems to have settled at around two. Learn waaaay too much about him at Velcrometer, follow him on Twitter, or just e-mail him at m.giant[at]

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