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Season 12, Auditions #3

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Scotty McCreery works the crowd some more, because it's not like his dorky ass has anything better to do. Neither does Matthew Muse from Florence, South Carolina, who looks like a young, bearded Donny Osmond with a hat stolen from the set of Django Unchained. He's very enthusiastic and dorky, and his version of "When I Get Where I'm Going" by Brad Paisley is musical-theater bad. They still invite him to dance, which he doesn't do much better. "You're nowhere near ready for this," Randy says after they've sufficiently embarrassed him. Well, if he were capable of embarrassment, which he's not. Nicki makes him do a runway walk before they're done with him. And he's still not embarrassed.

Here's another draftee, Isabel Gonzales. Randy rode a school bus to Alpharetta High School (not creepy at all, that) after she was nominated by her aunt. Randy crashed an assembly in the school library to give Isabel her audition number, so now she's here to sing "Nothing Can Ever Change This Love" by Sam Cooke. She's rather more confident and prepared than last week's nominee, not to mention better. The judges love her natural ability and unanimously put her through. She comes out of the room with her golden ticket and gets covered with Silly String by her family. They're going to ban that stuff from auditions one of these days. But not today. Ryan's having too much fun with it.

Later, Ryan sits down with a bunch of white boys and a nonwhite girl named Taisha Bethea who make up an alternative rock band called Carson. She's the only one of them auditioning today, though. She tells the judges she wants to be a rock singer, which confuses Randy when she says she's singing "Folsom Prison Blues." Which she does fine. Randy, a little underwhelmed, and asks for her second song, which is Alanis Morissette's "You Oughtta Know." Taisha is not really about the deep tracks, clearly, which makes me wonder how "alternative" Carson really is. Mariah thinks she's interesting. Keith wishes he could hear her with her band, and I'm sure her band does too. Mariah is confused by her direction. Nicki says she doesn't care, but appreciates Taisha's refraining from doing R&B runs even though she's a black girl. Nicki says yes, Mariah's not ready to commit, Keith gives a yes, and Randy says no. But Keith invokes some obscure rule that makes his vote the deciding one when they're in Charlotte, so she's going to Hollywood. Her bandmates come in to share the moment, and they make it clear that they'd be thrilled if their lead singer were on American Idol. That's because they know this is as famous as they're going to get.

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