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Ryan brings Candice up, saying she's going to be doing a Drake song. It turns out she actually met him in person last year and made him promise to watch her when she was on the show, so it's like she knew, somehow. Candice also met some young patients at the hospital, which is sweet, but I wish she'd stop playing nervously with her hair in front of children who have none.

The Drake song she's doing is "Find Your Love," kind of jazzy and lounge-y, and it's got Randy and Mariah competing between themselves at the judges' table over who's got the best listening-face. Also, I never would have guessed this as a Drake song in a million years.

Nicki tells Candice that she already gave Drake a heads-up about this, and hints that she might have a message from him for Candice tomorrow. She says she's given up commenting on anyone's voices because they're all awesome and we all know that, but says she kind of wishes Candice had stuck to the melody a little more and is worried about her seeming too old-fashioned. Randy of all people says she could maybe stand to dial it back a little bit now and then with the runs and the churchiness. Mariah loved it, of course, reiterating her love for last week's "Straight Up" before saying she might have gone a little adult contemporary tonight, but she can sing anything. Keith says he's not even thinking about what Candice's market is, and leaving that up to her. But that's crazy talk! Post-ads, Jimmy tells us from backstage that as much as he loves Drake, Candice, and the song, that was the second-best of the night. I assume Amber is still in first place for him, then.

Kree got to hang with the hospital's music therapist, who goes from crib to crib with a little backpack guitar and gets an emotional mom crying for the Idol cameras. Kree hugs her, of course.

Live, she sings "Hurts So Bad," a slow, bluesy 12/8 standard that lets her relax a bit in the verses and stretch out in the choruses. She had told one of the kids in the hospital that she was planning to dance a bit, but in the heels she's got on tonight that's just asking for another broken toe.

Randy comments on how much she likes the blues and can do everything, although that wasn't her best vocal for him. He tries to backpedal when he gets booed, but what he doesn't get is that he's not being booed for being negative but for being useless. Mariah's long-winded praise is uncharacteristically tepid (which means she hated it), but she liked how Kree finally connected with the audience. Keith says it's been established that all four of them can sing, so now it's down to song choice and performance and especially emotion, which Kree didn't give enough of. Nicki likes how she looks in red, but says that performance wasn't worthy of the top four, and gets bleeped twice in the process. Ryan asks her what she was trying to accomplish with that song choice, but I'm wondering more how Kree is finding time in her busy schedule to tan.

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