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At the hospital, Angie bonded with a toddler wearing a "tough little dude" t-shirt and presented the kids with a new acoustic guitar. Her first song tonight is "Who You Are" by Jessie J, and she's back behind the piano again. The white Steinway this time. The song plays to her strengths, too, which is the big loud semi-high notes and the dramatic moments.

She gets the traditional three-way standing ovation from the judges. Mariah claims she was standing up in spirit because the train of her dress is stuck under her chair, but that the song was "beyond." She also wants Angie to write another original song and do it at the piano. Keith talks about her evolution, both from Angela to Angie and during the performance just now, which went from all enunciated and proper to...well, better. Nicki still loves Angie behind the piano and the whole performance, saying it was like she was closing out an awards show. Randy says Angie make him forget about Jessie J (which can only mean he's never met her, because his memory is photographic when it allows him to name-drop), and that this was the best performance of the night. And he starts yelling at Ryan, which means we can all see his "in it to win it" catchphrase coming up so far in advance that the editors pop the hashtag up on the screen almost before he's done saying it. Ryan calls Angie's grandmother onstage to hug Angie. The tiny little woman is overcome, possibly because until this moment she thought she might be as tall as Ryan Seacrest. Then Keith gives grandma a hand off the stage, possibly earning himself the biggest audience cheer of his season.

Duet time, and Kree is doing "Rumour Has It" with Amber. And I think we may finally may have found something Kree can't actually sing all that well, because Amber has her pretty much outmatched, even when missing the last line. We're continuing with the charade of the duets being judged, so Keith talks about their different stage presences and is starting to want someone to cut loose and throw a microphone stand or something. He's getting bored, in other words, which I can't imagine what that feels like. You want some chaos, Keith? Some unpredictability? Try taking your Coke cup off of that stupid little stage on the table in front of you and see how fucking crazy things get. Nicki tells them to add some personality on top of their voices and interact with each other more. I guess Randy and Mariah will get to comment on Angie and Candice's duet.

And here it is, as they're doing "Stay" by Rihanna and Mikky Ekko. No way, a duet that's actually a duet? They have some interesting harmonies together, and unlike in the first round, I'd have to give the advantage here to Candice -- but only by a narrow margin, and by the end they're both blowing the roof off. Not to mention they clearly listened to Nicki's advice from the previous duet. They get another three-quarter standing O from the judges. Figure out how to keep your dress out from under your chair, Mariah, damn. You're going to get deep vein thrombosis one of these nights. Randy hollers about how that's the way to do a duet. Mariah tries to interject something about unity, only to get shouted down by Randy, who isn't done gushing yet. What were you saying about duets just now, Randy?

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