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After the ads, we come back to what looks and sounds like Mariah already in the middle of a medley of her biggest hits, without benefit of an intro from Ryan, or a big edited package about how awesome she is, or all the vocal capabilities she used to have. Each song has about thirty whole seconds devoted to it and she stands motionless on a pedestal like a cake decoration. She finishes up and thanks everyone including Randy, who was supposedly backing her up on guitar. Not that I'm convinced there was a live track anywhere in that mix.

Amber is back to sing "Next to Me" so try to look surprised when she introduces the original singer, Emeli Sande. And try to forget that it was Candice who sang this on the show last week. Their voices match nicely, even if their outfits don't. Emeli looks like Amber's cool English teacher.

Then there's a retrospective overview of the Ford Fiesta missions, which I've already covered once and don't plan to do again. But it's also serving as a set-up for the top two to do something for their "hometown mentors," which are Candice's grandmother and Kree's musical brother-figure Misa, who were presented with tickets to the finale during their hometown visits. Fortunately that's not all: they're also getting cars! But they're only Fiestas, so that must be a bittersweet moment for both of them.

Guess who's next? Psy. Yes, that Psy, performing "Gentleman" instead of "Gangnam Style." This new one's a little slower and darker, which is exactly what we've been clamoring for from Psy, right? Still got the moves, though. And I didn't know you could say "mato-fato" on TV without getting bleeped.

If Mariah gets to sing, so does Keith, I guess. Ryan doesn't introduce him either, so I don't know what the song is called. It's the overproduced Poor Man's Jimmy Buffet one, if that helps. Ryan belatedly tells us it's called "Little Bit of Everything," asks the Glover family in the audience if they're nervous (they are), and introduces Candice to sing "Inseparable." I'm really impressed with how quickly Keith Urban's band got cleared off the stage, if nothing else. Candice's song turns into a duet with Jennifer Hudson, who can actually keep up with her. Look upon your future self, Candice Glover. Could be a whole lot worse. They do this big finish that's so big they need to get a room.

Angie Miller is back at the piano, singing "Titanium" in a duet with Adam Lambert. By which I mean she's at the piano and he's next to it. Alas, it doesn't get nearly as Fabulous Baker Boys as I might have hoped. They sound pretty good together though, with him taking most of the higher parts. Big hug at the end, but I think that was the first performance of the night that the judges didn't stand up for. Not that Keith is back yet, and God knows where Randy is. Then Adam Lambert introduces Angie's personal idol, Jessie J, with whom Angie gets to sing her second duet in a row. Nice consolation prize for the second runner-up, Never mind that Jessie J showed up spear bald. Now Nick and Mariah stand up. They must have known all along that more was coming. After that's over, Adam and Ryan come back out so Jessie J can plug her upcoming single, which kind of gets overshadowed when Jessie J invites Angie to come to the UK and do her own song at a Jessie J show, since she didn't get to sing that tonight. So I think we might have a winner already, and it isn't Kree or Candice.

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