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Season 13, Auditions #3

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In comes Sydney Arterbridge, dressed like Lieutenant Uhura with a plaid scarf. She's here to sing "Lovin' You" by Minnie Riperton, which Harry hopes she'll nail because his wife sucks at singing this song. She manages to hit the super high notes, both in the song and in her happy screams when she gets her golden ticket.

Maurice Townsend from Grand Rapids, Michigan looks to be the one to wrap up the Detroit auditions. He's also a church music minister, and a father of four at age 26. He's brought a John Legend song, and he does indeed bring it. Ryan works the guy's family outside the chamber -- all five of them, who are all cute. Then we go into a whole backstory clip package about him before returning to his audition, which is now obviously a foregone conclusion now that we've gotten to know him. Keith loved it enough to just sit back and enjoy it, and Harry agrees that it was really good. They invite him to bring his kids in, and suddenly it's cute overload all up in here. Harry dragoons one of the kids to give Maurice the news that he's going to Hollywood. Harry is clearly aware of the show business adage, never work with kids or animals, unless you're stuck in Detroit for two days and going out of your mind.

We come back to day two, when Keith and Harry show up at 10 AM sharp and Jennifer and Ryan are both late, which at least gives Keith and Harry something to talk about. Finally she shows up at 10:23 and says, "We should start." We're beginning the day with David Oliver Willis, a 22-year-old coffee shop owner from Mount Dora, Florida who was ejected during the Vegas round last season. I don't remember him at all, but Keith does. He does a strummy-strummy, loudish version of "Too Close" by Alex Clare (which I incorrectly called "Closer" last week and I have no excuse). Keith and Jennifer loved it, though Harry has doubts about how well he'll be able to do without the guitar. Next thing you know, the judges are coaching him as though he's already in the competition, which of course after the unanimous yes vote he actually is.

Up next is a pair of twins who speak simultaneously. They're identical except for their wigs, one of which is straight and one of which is wavy. Rakita and Karlita Gulledge, 19, belt out a version of "Listen" by Beyoncé that clearly pains Harry the most of all the judges. He calls it screaming, and Jennifer agrees that it was pretty high-school talent show. Keith has nothing to add, so both twins get three nos. Perhaps they'll be back next year after swapping wigs.

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