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Season 13, Auditions #3

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Twitter is invited to guess whether a sucky girl will go through or go home. Twitter is half right, because it's apparently feeling generous. Whereas Harry quite correctly says that singing is not for her. She interviews, "Lighten up, dude. You don't have to be such a jerk all the time." How long has she known him, exactly?

Singer-songwriter Blake Soles is sent packing with some advice from Keith to keep working at it until it comes together. "When is that gonna happen for you?" Harry asks Keith. The laughter is still dying down when former auditioner Brandy Neelly, 18, comes in. I also don't remember her, but Jennifer does because "some people stand out." That's sort of the case with Brandy, who's got a Hunter Hayes song with a lot of dynamic changes thrown in. Keith actually applauds her, and Jennifer mostly liked it aside from a nasal quality. Harry describes it as more "guttural" (which is kind of the opposite of nasal, actually), and says she'll have to decide whether to fix it. He advises her not to and Jennifer says she should, and after Keith and Harry vote yes, Jennifer hands over a ticket saying it doesn't matter what she says. But now I think we know what it would have been.

The next auditioner, Ethan Harris, has a vest, a guitar and a face that causes the judges to dub him the lost Osmond brother. Off-putting, but then it veers into creepy when the dude asks Keith to sign a picture he drew of Keith that he has taped to the back of his guitar. Of course, he's attempting a Keith Urban song and turns out to do okay with it. Harry likes how his speaking and singing voice sound the same (squeaky). They all like him and he gets his ticket to Hollywood, even though he reminds me of that guy in Iron Man 3 with a tattoo of RDJ based on a doll he made.

Harry does some more goofing off, using the space known as the "confessional" for its literal purpose. I'm starting to wonder if this isn't going to get exhausting after a while. Back to the auditions. Leah Guererro, 21; Zach Day, 19; and Symphony Howlett, 24, are all edited together with each other. They all get plenty of criticism, but they all squeak through. Even with Zach's grunt-heavy Amy Winehouse cover and Symphony's break-riddled version of Sara Bareilles's "Gravity." And this despite the fact that she's named Symphony. Leah's from the Detroit area so she's fine.

The next singer hoping for a ticket to Hollywood is Ayla Stackhouse, 17, who already lives in Hollywood with her aunt. Though she's originally from Detroit, so it seems like she's in a no-lose situation. It's almost unnecessary given how well she sings. Harry thinks Berry Gordy would spot Ayla's star quality (and screw her out of a fortune, she doesn't add), and the others agree and send her through.

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