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Season 13, Auditions #4

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Take Your Mom to Work Day

Next is Kristen O'Connor, a 24-year-old nurse tech from Sebastian, Florida. She's a skinny little white diva, and after she finishes singing -- but before she gets her verdict -- we cut to another contestant named Emily Piriz, 17, from Orlando. She's been a fan of the show since Season One, despite being barely old enough to remember such a time. Her voice kind of blows Kristen's away, but she's rather more annoying to watch. They both get through, though, I guess because as unspectacular as each of them is by themselves, they're somehow better than each other when shown back to back.

Enter Ben Briley, 24, from outside Nashville. He's got a guitar which he merely holds while twanging "Arms of a Woman" by Amos Lee. We now have a third category of auditioners: those who don't bring an instrument, those who play an instrument and those who bring an instrument but don't play it, and should thus be instantly disqualified as though they are, let's say, black. Jennifer and Keith look impressed, but Ben's singing more notes than Harry usually likes so we'll see how that goes over. Ben interviews a bit about his supportive wife Courtney. Keith says he might crash his car if he heard ho on the radio. Harry talks about gumbo, and different influences from different genres that Ben apparently represents to Harry's ears, but he was into it. Jennifer likes his "nasal-y tone," (note to Jennifer: "nasal" is already an adjective and thus does not need to have a "y" tacked on at the end to make it one) so he's through with three yes votes. He has had bestowed upon him both a golden ticket and a new nickname, "Gumbo." Well, you take the good, you take the bad.

Nica Nashae, 24, goes in confident and appropriately so, as she proves with her rendition of "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" that the judges chair-dance to before sending her off with a summary yes and the encouragement that she might just win it. One advantage she has is that she was in and out of there so fast that she'll be able to keep the live shows on schedule.

Next is 15-year-old Jordan Brisbane from Savannah, Georgia, who thinks he has what it takes to "shut American Idol series down." He's kind of awkward and lispy when he speaks, but he comes out with a confident performance of "When I Was Your Man" by Bruno Mars. He does a bunch of runs, and Harry warns him to look out for that because other people do it better. He thinks he'll be a better singer in 10 years and Jennifer's with Harry, telling him to pull back on the runs. Keith thinks he did well enough given the intimidating environment, and Harry thinks he should be in movies because he's got such a great face. Worked for Harry. Anyway, they all give him a yes, like it seems they've been doing for everyone tonight. So far it seems like the only way to get shut down is to walk in with a ukulele.

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