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Season 13, Auditions #4

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Now it's the return of not one but two people who were eliminated before the live shows in Season 11. One of them is Neco Starr, now 22 and singing "Someone Like You." I know I said Adele was played out two years ago, but he was on the show then, which adds a new variable and I'm not being paid to do calculus here. The other returnee is Caleb Johnson, also 22, who blew his lyrics two years ago but is back now. Neco gets a no from Keith and a yes from Harry, and even though Harry didn't get it, he gives him a yes because he wants to hear him again. Caleb, however, gets yeses across the board, and better remember his damn words this time.

Looks like we're going to close out the night with 15-year-old Bria Anai, who looks twice that age. After meeting her mom, who Bria calls her "momager," this is understandable. "You should meet her dagent," Harry jokes lamely and belatedly after Brea tell the judges about her. Bria is also bringing the Adele with "One and Only." She's got a big diva-type voice and the judges like her, enough to let her get away with the sparkly purple lipstick she's wearing to match her pants. Even Harry can't believe she's only 15, and she gets a golden ticket. That's the end of day one or Atlanta, with 44 more contestants having earned golden tickets, for a total thus far of 163. I don't think I remember all 163 of them, do you? Oh well, I'm sure we'll have plenty of time to get reintroduced to them. The ones who stay, I mean.

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