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Up next is JDA, the goth semi-drag queen who somehow made it this far. He's rocking culottes, a glittery pompadour and five o'clock shadow for his version of "Rumor Has It," half of which is performed from the floor. He's working it with everything he's got, although Randy and Nicki appear to be reacting like he's doing a comedy bit, which I'm not sure he is. Keith commends him for "putting on a show" and his "originality." "I know!" JDA says. Keith's only issue was the way he kept showing his work on the choreography. Nicki tells him, "Work it, girl, work it," and JDA says he has to "represent for the gays," which may be the first time those words have ever been uttered on this show outside of Ryan and Simon's juvenile banter. Nicki starts by saying he's a superstar performer and gives him credit for addressing the whole audience in the round, which she says nobody's ever done on this show. All she didn't like was the vocal. Like that matters. Randy agrees that JDA gave the best performance, but at the cost of the vocal. "This is a singing competition," he reminds everyone. He and Nicki go back and forth on that a bit and says there was no originality in the moves. Mariah liked his confidence and the overall performance, including the singing. Ryan comes out to ask about the outfit, which JDA claims is pretty simple. "We haven't seen this much glitter since Adam Lambert," Ryan says, and high-fives JDA. Very manly, Ryan.

After the ads, Ryan sits in the "ladeeez" section and interviews Angela and says "ladeeez" some more before moving on to Kevin Harris. He's 28 and from Montgomery, Alabama, and at the San Antonio auditions, Randy allegedly nicknamed him "Buttah." He says he's there to make his sons proud, like if he were childless he'd still be happy working at the call center. He's doing "(Everything I Do) I Do It For You," because it's always a good idea to sing a song that's famous for being hated by large numbers of people. But then he makes up for it by blowing the high notes on the bridge, not that that stops him from going after some even higher ones on the last chorus. Keith comes out in defense of the song and Kevin's range, but questions the decision to show off range there at the end, though he gets why people do it. Make up your mind, Keith Urban. Nicki compliments his choices, his falsetto and his vibrato, but isn't blown away by his personality. Randy totally disagrees, saying it was boring and karaoke and that he should have picked a different song. Nicki stares at him -- and in every other direction -- in open-mouthed amazement. Mariah says he's one of her favorites and would have liked to hear him do something different. Nicki looks like she has more to say, so Ryan remarks on her disagreement with Randy and how it seemed like they heard two different songs. "It was the same song, just at different times in our lives," Randy "quips," touching Nicki's arm teasingly and causing her to recoil. Ryan lets Kevin explain how the two bow ties he's wearing are in honor of his two boys, which is nice, but if it were me, I'd just as soon my dad symbolized me with a cooler fashion accessory.

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