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The Silencing Of The Lamb

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Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Blues

Since Christina isn't even there to give any final words and sing us out, Black and Decker ask the kids to make some final comments. They're all kind of crying, giving the whole scene this strange funereal vibe, like this is some sort of memoriam. Tamyra tells Christina that they're all on their way to come visit her and presumably comfort her. Justin says that Christina is a beautiful person inside and out. Kelly (Eeeeeee!) says she can't talk because she's crying too much, but manages to spit out that she loves Christina "to death." Nikki says that Christina was really talented and is going to go far. R.J. declares that Christina has become one of his closest dearest friends and that he's also sure she's going to go far. Man, they really make it seem like Christina had a nervous breakdown or something.

Black and Decker encourage the audience to give Christina a round of applause as they end the show, reminding us to tune in again next week. The theme will be "Songs That Nikki McKibbin Can't Sing." See you then!

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