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The Silencing Of The Lamb

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Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Blues

Justin turns and applauds the band before heading over to hear the judges' comments. Randy declares that "Justin is back," and says he was fabulous. Paula says that he took a cool song, was cool when he performed it, and "commanded" the audience. Simon brings up the fucking apology again. God, just let it go. Simon explains that most celebrities are awful, appalling people, and thinks that Justin has been "untreated fairly [sic]" by the public for his attitude two weeks ago. Just sign him if you want him on your label; leave the rest of us out of your constant adulation. Simon begs us to give Justin his (Eeeeeee!) back, and insists that Justin is a great performer. Tough. He's not getting it back this week. Possibly not ever. Nobody mentions the lyric screw-up; either they didn't notice, or they didn't want to draw attention to it.

Justin heads up to Black and Decker, who ask him what was going through his head this week when he was choosing the song. Certainly not an atlas. He blathers something about picking a song that was upbeat and lovely. No more "important" songs for Justin. They ask Justin why he didn't tie his bowtie. He says it made him look like he was "going to prom," rather than the laid-back Dean Martin look he wanted. He also takes a moment to wish his brother Adrian a happy birthday. Blah blah blah votecakes. Brian doesn't want to read his lines to throw it to commercials. Shut up, Brian.

Commercials. When we return, it's time for Nikki "Don't Fence Me In" McKibbin. In her clip show, we see Nikki as a kid (and a brunette), practicing for the talent shows her family puts on at reunions. I think she dyed and cut her hair to get away from the awful '80s hairstyles she's sporting in these clips. She's even got a femullet in one. She says that she was really bad when she first started performing (there are clips of her singing and dancing awfully), but worked at it and got better. What a stunning observation. She says she's "earned the talent that [she has]. Because [she's] worked at it a lot." That sounds like something Paula would say, in the sense that it's utterly nonsensical.

Nikki hits The Octagon to sing "Hard-Hearted Hannah." Her outfit is fairly simple: a reddish-brown, baby-doll-style dress, with a black spiked collar and clunky shoes that lace up her shins as her rock additions to the look. Her hair is slicked back and over to one side in an attempt to create that lopsided hair look from the '40s. Overall, not a bad attempt to blend the theme with her own style.

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