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Rockin' Pneumonia And The Boogie Woogie Blues

Judges' comments. Randy says that Christina started off shaky but ended well. He thinks it was a good song choice for her. Paula says that it was one of her favorite songs. Oh, I think I get it. If Paula likes the song to begin with, then it's a "good song choice." If she never liked the song, it's a "bad song choice." She seems to think that Christina "commanded" the band, when it sounded to me that she was fighting to keep up with them. Simon says he thinks Christina is improving week after week, then adds that he's unhappy to discover that Christina has a fiancé. I feel so awful for Christina. Well, I guess I'm operating on the assumption that Simon's comments make her uncomfortable, though that may not be the case. But if it is, what do you do? Say something in public and make the guy you want to manage your career look bad? Not say anything, tacitly allowing the behavior to continue? Ideally, she probably should have said something to him behind the scenes about his unprofessional behavior, but she may not have been experienced enough to know how to handle this. Or possibly it doesn't bother her at all. I wonder what Christina's fiancé thinks about Simon's behavior. Paula snarks that Simon wouldn't stand a chance anyway.

Christina heads up to Black and Decker, who point out how good she looks. They ask her what it was like performing with a band. I love how they act like this is some sort of strange, wild twist on musical performances. A band! Crazy! She loved it. They ask her if Simon would stand a chance if Christina weren't engaged. There's a quick cut to some guy in the audience who isn't identified. Fiancé? Who knows? Christina wisely refuses to answer that sort of question. Blah blah blah votecakes.

Commercials. Brian annoys as he introduces a clip show of people waiting in line a really long time at the [Product-Placed Camera] Theater to get tickets for the final performances. People wait. They declare their love for certain finalists. A handful of pretty young people wave their tickets around in glee. They were probably handpicked to attend by the producers just to make sure there were plenty of pretty people in the audience. Brian explains that they sold out of tickets in two hours, but informs (or warns) us all that the show will going "on tour" across the country in the upcoming weeks. As long as Black and Decker aren't part of it, great.

He throws the show to Ryan, waiting in Pimp Central with R.J. "Ain't Misbehavin'" Helton. Isn't this like the third time that the two of them have ended up together? People are starting to talk. Ryan sends R.J. off to the stage while we get his clip show. R.J.'s been singing since he was a wee boy. He talks to his "best friend," Amanda, two or three times a day for support or whatever. We never see her, but it's probably safe to assume that she's the Angela Chase to his Ricky Vasquez. R.J. explains that he gets nervous on stage. I'm completely surprised by that revelation. Also, I'm blind. And who knew that Foreshadowing is also a film editor? His ski-dancing is an attempt to keep from falling down, because his knees are shaking during the performances. He says that all the other kids are like his new family now. And just like a real family, each week, one of them will be ejected from the house.

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