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Katharine's voice is a weird fit for this song. It sounds screechy when I don't think it is. I enjoyed this performance more than most, but I agree it's not among her best. There's no buildup, which means there's no payoff, which means there isn't much reason to listen to it. The trills and melismas don't bother me here, because: Christina. But it still doesn't sound that great. She's banging up against the top of her range when I don't think she has to. If this weren't six weeks into the competition, I'd chalk it up to nerves, because that's what it sounds like. Over-singing it due to being overeager. I guess this is why the judges advise against singing a Christina song. She really is a lot to live up to, vocally. Unless you're singing "Dirrty," which is a whole lot to live down, if you do it properly. Randy's a Kat fan, but he's disappointed that she didn't bring anything new to her version of the song. The screechy thing wasn't new? He is happy that she chose a song that would be remotely sellable in the 2006 marketplace, though. Paula brings up the "don't try Christina unless you can blow us away" thing, but then totally reverses on herself and says she wouldn't have changed a thing. I can see how crazy I am in relation to Katharine because I agree with Paula. Even when she ultimately falls short, I would still rather see her do her thing. Paula says Kat was "at [her] best," at which point even Katharine is like, "For serious?" Yeah, that was over the top. Simon thinks it was the best performance of the night so far, in this way where he wants us to know that it's not saying much. Then he says it was "almost as good as Christina." "Almost" is pretty vague, as we'll see tomorrow. But Kat is bouncy and happy at this satisfying turn of events. No time for Katharine and Ryan's Laugh-In this week, which is too bad, because you know he had something to say about that outfit.Video Bucky simply cannot deal with the sunlight. His eyes are squinted down to mere slits. He talks about how rough it's been to try and sing songs from the '50s and the Stevie Wonder songbook, so this week he'll be falling safely back into the Tim McGraw zone with "Real Good Man." For some reason, I hate Tim McGraw. If I remember the reason, I'll be sure to let you know. Bucky is dressed exactly like him, though. To a Halloween-costume degree. It's an interesting song to listen to. The basic message is, "I'll probably get into bar fights and hit on your sister and get arrested for stealing a police horse, but I'm the best lay you'll ever have, so it's totally worth it, right?" It's an interesting subgenre of country music, this "I'm such a bad boy, how hot is that?" thing. It's the country equivalent of "my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard." Okay, this is weird to say, but singing this song, Bucky is kind of hot. Completely from the neck down, understand. The face is still a horror show. But when he's not doing the rickets stance and playing hot mic, he makes a pretty good show of himself. Whatever, it's been a weird night. Here's something interesting: Bucky's wife is quite pretty. And it's not just the contrast of her standing in front of Ace's brother, either.

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