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Anyway, that's why I cried all through Kick-Ass, and why I watched it today in particular, and why Idol Gives Back has, at least tonight, swung back around to something that is a very good idea: Because that feeling is very specific, and very frightening, and represented as intelligently in that movie (that's the entire movie) as it is dumbassedly but just as legitimately by the Teabaggers, even if they're being led around by that feeling for vile reasons.

Because that feeling -- needing the world to be better -- is real, and it's not going anywhere. And it seems to me, like, if you think about it enough you might get so mad that -- instead of just killing Sharon Tate and thinking you've done your job -- you could actually be forced to go out and do something really wonderful. That you might be reminded of something really precious that the rest of us forget. That maybe screaming isn't the only solution. That we can do better than that. That we can do better.

Watch Crystal Bowersox break down during her performance.

Is Simon deliberately sabotaging Idol?

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