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Finishing up the show tonight is Nuttin' but Stringz, who was one of the better acts (namely, an act I can actually remember) from the early auditions. They're brothers who love each other, they love their mother, they love the violin. Gotta love 'em! They walk out onto stage playing a fairly traditional classical piece on their violins. Once they get to the front of the stage they start funking it up. A few more bars in and they start singing, jumping, and really playing. Their violin strings pop. The strings on their bows explode. They play on. The music rises. They bend with the music. The music rises. They hit the crescendo and throw their bows to the stage. They get a standing ovation from the judges. Piers actually leads the ovation. He starts the judging, "For emotion, for intensity, for professionalism, for electricity, for commanding the stage you are my favorite act in the competition." They rocked it. Piers is actually trembling. He said it. Sharon thinks the tone is the best she has ever heard out of a violin. She loves their crossover appeal. She thinks they are amazing. The Hoff is moved. He loved it. He wants it bigger and better. Which is totally dirty.

Tonight's performers flood the stage. Little Kaitlyn is still awake. One of the Tapping Dads is holding her hand. It's sweet. Or creepy, depending on where your mind is in relation to the gutter. Flambeaux is jumping around and waving his arms like a man who knows this is his last chance to be on national television. Jerry screams that he loves Kaitlyn! And America! Off to vote! See you next week!

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