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Donald Braswell can't believe he's in the Top Ten. Luckily, his wife is there to remind him. When he was sideswiped by an automobile while riding his bike, his wife stood beside him. She is his hero. Donald is wearing a grey sharkskin blazer, black straight-leg jeans, and a black v-neck shirt. The stage floor is flooded with smoke and the stage is set with purple columns (Corinthian, if you're interested in architecture). He is singing "Forever Love" or something like that from a musical that I have never seen. As he finishes, Piers announces that he's not sure that Donald is as good as some of the other singers in this competition. He's not sure if he would buy his album, and he's not sure if he would see his show. Sharon changes the mood dramatically by telling Donald he looks sexy in his trousers and thinks he is a "big boy" who is fabulous at singing the romantic songs. The Hoff loves Donald's story and would totally buy his album. Sometimes I think Piers is the only one actually judging these people. I mean, honestly, Sharon -- "he looks great in his trousers"? That's only considered judgment on America's Next Top Model. [Or Project Runway! - Zach]

Jessica Price was working in a factory until she came on this show. She is dedicating her song not to her dad, but to her mom. Her mom made her follow her dreams and gave birth to her and whatnot. Jerry introduces her and the lights come up on stage and it is all white with white flowing curtains, more smoke (white), white light, and a white dress. The song is by Sarah McLachlan. I don't know what it is called, but they play it on those ASPCA commercials that are so sad that I can't watch them and have to change the channel, which probably defeats the purpose of the ad. I hope you're reading, ASPCA. Her rendition gets a standing ovation from The Hoff. Piers starts off the judgment by saying that there was always something missing in Jessica's performances. He never got it. Until tonight. He got emotional. I think that's British for "that was so good I wet myself." Sharon thought Sarah McLachlan would love what Jessica did for that song. Well, she would love the royalty check, anyway. The Hoff looks practically teary-eyed as he tells her how great she was. Jerry joins her on stage and asks her to pretend that no one is there but her and her mom. What would she say? Jessica Miss Americas it and says, "I would thank her for always being there and being my support and loving me and putting up with Daddy issues." Really, Jerry, what did you think she would say? "Mom, I forgot to walk the dog, and I really need to pee?"

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