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Still here. Still Heroes Week. Three performers. One hero. Jesus? No, their music teacher who taught them so much about music and made it fun. The Wright Kids are doing "ABC" by the Jackson Five. I thought they were a bluegrass group, yet they never perform bluegrass. The stage lights up and the Kids are perched on enormous letter blocks. There seems to be something off in the mix. The kid with the guitar has a very loud clear voice, but you can't hear the other two at all. It's hard to tell if they are doing a good job or not. It's fun, but it's not great. At the end of the song streamers shoot through the air and engulf the kids. Poor little Levi and his upright bass are covered. The lead singer makes his way down to the judges, but Levi can't get his bass down the steps what with the streamers and being three feet shorter than his bass. Piers calls them out for not helping him down fast enough. The kids finally all get to the front of the stage for judgment. Piers starts out saying that he really likes them. He has three kids of his own, and if they performed like that in front of 20 million people he would be really proud. That said, he thinks it will be hard for them because of the high caliber of the other competitors. But they should be proud. Sharon says she was concerned about their song choice because the Jacksons are so associated with that song, but they made it their own. The Hoff thought last week's performance was better, but that the kids should be proud of themselves.

I'm bored. This hero theme is doing nothing for my attention span. Queen Emily is singing a song called "And I'm Telling You" by Jennifer Holiday, who she saw sing when she was ten years old. Queen Emily cries during her intro when she talks about her grandmother, her hero. I thought her hero was Jennifer Holiday? Queen Emily will sing her heart out to do her grandma proud. Queen Emily comes on stage and descends the stairs surrounded by scantily clad women. Seriously. She is dressed in a floor length dress with gold beading in vertical stripes and a black sheer shawl or semi-detached sleeves. Her shoulders are really hunched up as she starts the song, but sink slowly downwards during her song. I'm so sick of singers I can barely pay attention to her song, but her outfit is endlessly fascinating. Okay I'll try to focus on her. She has a really loud booming voice and sings really well. She gets a standing ovation from all three judges. Piers tells her she ripped that stage to pieces and put Neal E. Boyd on notice that he is not going to have the entire competition handed to him. Sharon tells her she has so much talent. The Hoff tells her that she is a Money Player and she hit it out of the park. She was good, but I really miss the variety. Luckily, Nuttin' but Stringz is next.

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