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Nuttin' but Stringz is taking a big risk, but they are doing it to honor their mom. Who is their hero. She bought them their first violins. They wrote a song, it made her cry, and dammit, they're performing it tonight. Their act starts with a drum line spread out over the stage performing in fuschia light. The drummers split and the boys enter the middle of the stage with their violins. They are accompanied by two aerialists who spin over the stage on white ribbons. The boys do their magic. They play, they mesmerize, they collapse on the stage in feeling, they wear vests and manage not to look silly. Piers tells them that they took a big risk to play their own song tonight, but it paid off. When he asks himself what act he would pay to go see, the answer is always: Nuttin' But Stringz. Sharon loves judging this show because the talent is always topped by the next act. Nuttin' But Stringz tell us that everything they've performed is original music, and they learned it all at Juilliard. Did they go there with Donald? It's hard to imagine two more disparate acts. Sharon wants to meet their mom. The Hoff calls them Led Zeppelin on violins. He knows they will be in the finals. The boys wish their "mommy" happy birthday. They hug and jump up and down. And, I'll say it, I hope they win.

Nuttin' But Stringz was interesting enough that I can almost deal with listening to another singer. Eli Mattson is last to perform tonight. He is singing Elton John, who is his hero. Sharon warns that he can't do an impersonation of Elton John, he has to make the song his own. He sits at the piano bathed in purple light singing a slow sad version of "Sorry Seems to be the Hardest Word." He plays the heck out of the piano, but I think he sounds like the guy playing background music at Nordstrom. He's good, but it's not my thing. Luckily for Eli, it is the judges' thing. Piers asks him how he thought he did tonight. At first Eli thought it felt great, then he gets nervous and quickly asks Piers how it felt for him. Piers said it felt great for him, too. He thinks that if Elton was watching he would be proud. Sharon has good news for Eli: Elton is watching. Creepy, much? And, what? Sir Elton John watches this show? I'll need documentation. Notarized documentation before I believe that. Eli looks nervous. Sharon knows that Elton would be impressed. Piers interrupts to chastise America. We must vote for talent, not sympathy votes. The Hoff mumbles on about Money Players. He didn't like Eli's performance last week, but this week he nailed it. He played Elton John and he made it his own. The Hoff wants him to go to the back, look himself in the mirror, and say, "I did it!" And with that uncomfortable glimpse into The Hoff's self-esteem improvement techniques, we head off to vote.

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