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Final Five with a Flourish

Jerry restarts the show by really, really quickly reminding us that there will be an America's Got Talent showcase with Terry Fator and Jerry and surprises. You can buy tickets! Still available! Everywhere but Lagos Lagos. Finishing the evening is Queen Emily. She reminds us that it's been hard for her. After 25 years, she almost gave up, but Take a Look at [Her] Now! She cries. I feel evil for mocking her. She promises to sing her heart out. (Sounds bloody.) She is resplendent onstage in a purple dress with slightly beehived hair. She is on a pedestal (fitting for a Queen) in the middle of the stage that Ol' Smokey is pumping away to fill. Queen Emily is singing "One Moment in Time." She sings really well and looks very polished and professional. A black-clad choir joins her discreetly in the background. Purple glitter showers down on the stage. The audience lumbers to their feet. She finishes in fine form. Piers calls her down. He tells her that it was her best performance so far. It was very passionate. That said, she will struggle to win against Nuttin' But Stringz, but she gave it her best. She looks very happy/sad at that. Sharon asks her if she feels like a queen. Queen Emily stares down the camera, which has zoomed into her face and replies, "I feel like a Queen." Sharon corrects her, "You're a diva." The Hoff butts in: "You look like a princess to me." It sounds really creepy. So he repeats it. Queen Emily looks unsure of what to do with her face. The Hoff tells her that whether or not she wins, she is ahead of the game and will have an incredible career. She thanks him. Jerry comes on stage and thanks her for being so inspirational. She smiles and shakes his hand. It's sort of bittersweet and depressing. Everyone thinks Nuttin' But Stringz is going to win. I think so too, but does everyone have to salt the wounds?

Next Wednesday is the Season Finale. Expect special surprise guests including a "top recording artist." Jerry reminds us that there are a lot reasons to be proud of America (mortgage-backed securities notwithstanding).

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