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The judges next determine the future of our two authentic amateur opera singers: Michael Strelo Smith and Neil E. Boyd. The judges tell Michael that they let him go last year because they didn't think he was ready. They weren't wrong. Neil is told that they were judging the singers by who is most improved. His first audition was excellent, but his second was worse. They like him, but can't move him forward on that alone. Do I really need to say that they both make it? They both make it. Lots of shots of fat men crying.

In an exciting turn of events (for us), since the taping of this show, one of the members of the Russian Bar Act was injured when a jump went badly. I guess they weren't lying when they kept saying it was dangerous. Due to this injury, the act has withdrawn and a wild card spot has opened up and we, the American Couch Critics, get to choose who will fill it. The contestants are: Donald (Sob Story Sad Dad), Victoria Jacoby (Bendie Barbie), Junior & Emily (Oh please with the fast hands), Lil country and Page 1ne (Sob Story New Orleans), The Sword-Swallower, Kyle Rifkin (R&B Singer Number 2), and Xclusive (Robot Dancer). Head to to vote! Go Bendie Robot Sad Dad! Also, don't forget that we are being put on hiatus during the Olympics. Go watch some really talented Americans. Go Team USA!

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