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Season 3 Episode 10

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Live from Los Angeles (with portions pre-recorded) it's America's Got Talent! For those of us with ADD up the wazoo (or those who had better things to do last night, which apparently wasn't many of you because this was the number one show in America last night) yesterday we saw ten acts perform. We voted. Tonight five of those acts will be eliminated. So who performed last night? Extreme Dance FX, The James Gang, Derrick Barry, Elite, Ronny B., The Cadence, Jessica Price, Shimshi, DC Cowboys, and Neal E. Boyd.

Jerry brings it all back home. He reminds us of the fact that we are live (which is pretty rude to those of us who are dead or so hungover that we feel dead), that there is a million dollars at stake, and that this is America's Got Talent. He re-introduces the judges. Piers, Sharon, Hoff. Piers thought that with some notable exceptions the acts last night were pretty good, particularly Neal E. Boyd's granny-inspired warbling. Sharon liked almost everyone. So did The Hoff. Jerry brings all the acts who performed last night on to stage. We are then reminded of what those acts did and how they did it and what the judges thought of it. I love a show that expects that either they have no audience continuity from night to night or the audience that did make it from one night to the next have lost so many brain cells by watching that they simply can't remember what happened one little night ago. I realize this is a two-hour show, but they devoted ten minutes of it to practically nothing. And this is primetime! It's expensive! Advertisingcakes!

So where was I? Oh right. The acts are brought back onstage. They are all wearing exactly the same thing that they wore last night. Sharon, however, must have received my memo about her attire and is wearing something else entirely. So was this filmed immediately after last night's live performance? When did Sharon change? Whatever. Jerry calls up the acts in pairs. First up are Extreme Dance FX and Ronny B. I am rooting for Ronny B. just so I can write off this show entirely and just get drunk on Tuesday and Wednesday night. After the appropriate amount of scripted suspense, Extreme Dance FX is sent to the Top 20 and Ronny B. is sent back to dancing at bus stops. I'm sure he'll show up on So You Think You Can Dance next season. Next on the chopping block are Shimshi and Jessica Price. I thought Shimshi the Magician did a cool trick and I thought Jessica Price sang oddly and wore a tinfoil dress to keep away the bad vibes and the Tesla rays, but my guess is that The Saddest Girl in the World will be moving on. Jerry? Yep, it's Jessica. Sorry Shimshi, but it's back to that backwater known as Vegas. Hope your near-brush with fame gives you moderate success.

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