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Season 3 Episode 10

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The final competitor this evening is Queen Emily. She is given quite the build-up. Jerry instructs us to stand at attention for a "royal" performance. Emily and her new hair remind us of her sob story. She put her career on hold so she could stay home with her daughters. Wait. That's her backstory? I thought it was way more dramatic then that. If she simply chose to be a stay-at-home mom, shouldn't she be on that Tracy Gold show on Oxygen where moms get to re-enter the workplace? Anyway, Queen Emily. Okay hold up again. When precisely did she become a Queen? In the video preceding her performance she introduces herself to the judges as Emily. Was she coronated between rounds? Anyway. So-called Queen Emily enters the stage from the back looking divine in a red floor length dress with an enormous red cape flowing after her. She performs "Ain't No Mountain High Enough" to rousing end. She is confident and stylish and performs really well. Piers loves her. He tells her that he told Neal E. Boyd that he was the "Michael Phelps of the competition," but now he found someone who could do the impossible and beat Michael Phelps. Sharon thought she was fantastic too. She admires her talent, charisma, and big balls. Wow, Emily, I had no idea you were on such intimate terms with the judges. The Hoff is suitably impressed. He thinks she threw the whole competition into disarray and could easily win it all. Aren't there twenty more acts waiting to perform? Is this "total disarray" going to happen every week? Tune in next Tuesday and Wednesday to find out!

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