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The girls are going to do a stage acting exercise in pairs. They will be given a sentence which they'll have to act in a specific way. Celia and Aminat are up first, and both have to say, "I have never said that to anyone." Aminat must be bossy, while Celia must be pitiful. Typecasting! Aminat is more threatening than bossy, which frankly I see as a choice. Celia is reliably pitiful. Teyona and Natalie are next reading the line, "I have no idea what you're talking about." Teyona has to say it "shockingly," which makes absolutely no sense. Paulina tries to model "shockingly," which looks like, "Ric Ocasek waxwork! Run!" Natalie has to be threatening, and her reading prompts Paulina to say that some of these girls might just be beauty models. London and Fo are next, reading, "You've got to be kidding me." London is pitiful and Fo is threatening, and both seem to do a passable job. Then it's time for the mild-mannered duo, Tahlia and Allison. Paulina wants them to read, "You need to get out of here." Allison has to say it in an arrogant manner, while Tahlia must be ecstatic. Fail, and fail. Paulina tries to goad Tahlia into being ecstatic, which requires jumping around and squealing a lot. You'd think that, after all the Tyra Entrance Training these girls have endured, she'd be a pro at this. Not so. Tahlia kind of laughs, and Paulina tells her to jump up and down. There is a bit of lackluster hopping, and Paulina again models ecstasy, and Tahlia again models giant beaver teeth. Paulina says that jumping with Tahlia is like jumping in mud. Tahlia interviews that she feels like she's letting "her" down, because "she" wants more. This could be an interview taken out of context, but either way: Tahlia sucks.

Paulina addresses all of the girls, saying that most of them did okay by the end, but it's her job to push them into being bigger and wilder and better. She singles out Tahlia as the one who has most of an issue with this, and recommends that she goes around farting and picking her nose to ramp up her performance. Acting! Paulina tells the girls that there's never a teach without a challenge, so she has a script for them all to memorize. The scene involves a has-been model going for a fitting, and Celia is prepared to take all that Paulina taught them and apply it. London tells us that she comes from a family of actors. Not carpenters? In any case, acting has always come naturally to her, as evidenced by the audition-round Jesus fervor that hasn't reappeared since. She thinks she's going to kick butt. As London mouths words emphatically, we head to commercials.

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