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Next up is Aminat. She actually seems hostile in her commercial take. Tyra says that it was a duplicate of Teyona's commercial. Except without all the creepy smiling, which makes it an improvement. Miss J. criticizes Aminat for saying, "le-choo" instead of "let you." For someone who is intelligible less than 40% of the time, he has a lot of gumption. Nigel accuses her of chopping off a lot of words at the end, which is really just the first step in his mad scheme to Eliza Doolittle her. "The rain in Spain... falls on your ass just like I'm about to, bitch." Tyra tells Aminat that as a singer or actress, the client is hiring your whole celebrity and there's a lot of forgiveness in that. But as a model you have to articulate the endings of your damn words. Then it's time for London. Her best take is not salesman-like, but instead is kind of dull. Nigel tells her that it was sloppy and slouchy and her body language was defeatist. London is shocked. Tyra tells her that she saw a hardness, like, "YO. You wanna buy this foundation?" Really? Was she actually watching Aminat's commercial? Paulina simply says, "You know what, don't wear these shorts. That's not becoming." Damn! I love it when Paulina channels Janice. We zoom in on London's thunder thighs for emphasis.

Natalie is up next. Tyra tells her that she looks adorable this week, and finally has a bit of personal style. We see Natalie's commercial, which causes London to grimace at her own one line. However, Tyra thinks that London was really cute, and in fact upstaged Natalie in her own commercial. Clay pipes up and says that his only real note was that he didn't see Natalie relating to the three other girls. Clay thinks she's a stone bitch. Tyra thinks that Natalie looked great and hit her marks fine, but she doesn't remember her. However, Miss J. does remember that she's a bit controlled and stiff. Tyra tells her to work on her flirtiness, and again commends London for working the flirty shoulder. Turns out this was actually London's best take!

Fo is next. We flash from her best take to Clay, and it turns out that they have the same hair! Awesome. Fo trips up over her words a bit, and Miss J. says that it sounds like she's chewing gum and sounding like an idiot. Tyra tells her that she messed up so much at the beginning, it was like a DJ scratching. Nigel tells Fo that Tahlia looked great in her commercial. The others agree, and Paulina goes so far as to say this is the best she's seen Tahlia look yet. Nigel tells Fo to keep practicing. Then it's Tahlia's turn. She looks like she's going to a wedding in the springtime, says Tyra, which is cute, and yet all wrong. The judges continue the trend of complimenting the other girls in the shoot as Paulina tells Fo that she was great. Nigel agrees. He says this means that both Fo and Tahlia are "background." Oh, burn. Nigel tells Tahlia that Cover Girl is fun and youthful and fresh, while she looks mean and angry. Miss J. says something about Tahlia wanting to go fishing when she parted the red sea, because she looks so old. This doesn't make any sense, but Aiken laughs nonetheless. Tyra tells Tahlia that she has the physical look of what Cover Girl likes, but what's coming out of her mouth is not at all likeable. Paulina tells Tahlia that her energy level on the commercial was much higher, even though it was misdirected. That energy is in there, she says, even though Tahlia is struggling to bring it out. Clay adds the equivalent of, "Get it together, Mister Sister."

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