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With that, the judges deliberate. Nigel loves Mikaela's bone structure, and thinks she's different and striking. Her photo is well done. Alek loves Brittani, and says that her photo looks more like a painting than a human being. ALT agrees that the photo is gorgeous, and could be hung in a salon. Tyra says that she doesn't have a salon, and asks if you can get one at the swap meet. ALT wishes that Jaclyn had done something different with her hands, though he thinks that she's an extraordinary girl. Alek says that the hands look like prop hands, which is true. Kasia is not a classic beauty, Nigel says, but her photo works. Tyra thinks that Kasia's eyes follow her everywhere, like a creepy painting. Dalya is a one-shot wonder, and is potentially a mistake, according to Nigel. He says that you wouldn't book her again if you looked at her film and there was only one closed-eye shot that worked. ALT doesn't feel the impact of beauty in Alexandria's shot, but Nigel really likes it. He thinks it's different and unusual, and says that Alexandria did her own thing, and/or a Jim Morrison thing.

Sara's photo is iffy. Alek likes it, but doesn't enjoy her dead hand. However she thinks the face is sweet. Molly physically is a very pretty girl, but Nigel wants to see something more than that. He wonders where she is in the picture. Dominique is beautiful and Alek says she could be of multiple origins, which is a beautiful thing. ALT thinks that Nicole is young and fresh in front of them, but photographs old. Nigel agrees. Hannah provided one of the most magical moments of the evening, according to ALT. The eyes, the water, the grace, the gorgeousness. I guess "water" is couture for "tears." Alek loves how she used her hands, and Nigel says that the photo is stellar. Tyra says that Monique's photo is art. She would totally put it in her salon, after she bought her salon at the swap meet. Alek cracks up at Tyra's shenanigans. And finally, we get to see Ondrei's photo. Alek notes that Ondrei's eyes say so much, and it's beautiful. Nigel says that Ondrei's nerves did get the best of her, and all he can see is fear. With that, the judges have made their decision.

The girls return and Tyra says, "Who knows how many photos I have in my hands?" Ha! Way to be cagey for an extra two minutes, Tyra. The best photo this week goes to Hannah. Crying works! Hannah still has my dream hair. So pretty. The runner-up for best photo is Brittani. She's followed by Monique, Mikaela, Kasia, Dominique, Sara, Alexandria, Jaclyn, and Molly. This leaves Dalya and Nicole in the bottom two. They step forward, and Tyra tells Nicole that the judges are nervous that she looks like a teenager in person, and like a teenager's auntie in her photos. And then there's Dalya, who has stunning bone structure and had a gorgeous photo in this week. However, it was the only usable photo of all of her shots. Tyra drags out the question of Ondrei's photo before finally revealing that it wasn't the worst, and either Nicole or Dalya will indeed be going home. Unhappily for Alexandria, Dalya's chicken-judging ways will live to see another week. It's octogenarian-looking Nicole who is sent back to the nursing home. She says that she was trying too hard, and Tyra agrees and tells her to just let it be. Nicole appreciates Tyra's advice, and tells us that she was too focused on being fierce, which doesn't jive with her look. She tried something new, at the worst of all times. However, she learned from this experience and is resigned to her fate.

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