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The Year of the Bloody Eyeball

And then it's time to see the Cover Girl commercial! The final product is, in fact, a little porny! And not at all horrible. The panel then reviews each girl's best take. Tyra watches Laura's and says, "Hold on... dyslexia who?" Laura acknowledges that she's proud of herself. Tyra asks how she did it, and Laura says she relaxed and didn't psych herself out. Tyra says that if she was the director, she'd look at that and see that Laura could do better and keep going. But the performance was commendable. Miss J. notes that the accent was a bit strong, and Nigel says that enunciation is key. He couldn't understand several of Laura's words. Tyra says that Nicole's best take was very likable and very natural. She loves to hear the sound of Nicole's voice. However, Nicole threw her model out the window. She has to remember to model in between the talking.

And then there was the Cover Girl photo shoot with Nigel. The judges look at Laura's first, and Nigel says that if he could wolf whistle, he would. Tyra agrees that Laura looks hot and sexy. Nigel tells Laura that her shot is stunning, and that her eyes are telling a story. Miss J. agrees that it's a great shot -- very simple and clean. Tyra thinks that Nicole's picture is relaxed but confident, and chill but focused. And that's all we get! Tyra is proud of both models. She says that there are so many girls who can look at Laura and Nicole and feel like their story is a part of them. I know, it doesn't make any sense. Did you expect something different? Nigel tells the girls that they've proved that it doesn't matter how tall you are -- they've got what it takes. And hey! They're finally allowed to wear heels! Awesome.

The judges deliberate. Miss J. totally can't see anything over his giant sleeves. He still can talk, though. He says that he loves Laura because she's country, but can flip like Dr. Jekyll and Mrs. Hyde. She can deliver a picture. Miss J. has issues with her body proportions, but she has face. Nigel says that both girls have body proportion issues, as do most models. But it's all about working with what you've got. Nicole has a narrow waist, slightly wider hips, and a very long neck. However, with the right angles she looks fantastic. Similarly, Laura is a beautiful girl and can master what she's got. Tyra says that Laura doesn't necessarily look like a model in person. But you put her in a picture or on the runway, and she transforms. Tyra asks Miss J. under what circumstances he'd book Laura. He says that you could book her in a commercial beauty situation. She has a money face. Miss J. would book Nicole for a fashion show, as long as she could control her shoulders a bit more. Tyra asks Nigel what he would think if Laura came to him for a casting. Nigel says that Laura has an extraordinary face, with the lips and the high cheekbones. She's a classic beauty, but with a twist. It's a rare find. If Nicole came to Nigel on a go-see, he'd think that she could be a model and has all the right features, but she's not naturally charismatic and can be a bit dull. However, she really turns it on when she comes on set. Miss J. thinks that Milan would love Nicole, and America would love Laura. Nicole isn't just a beauty model, but is a high fashion model. And with that, the judges have picked the winner!

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