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The Year of the Bloody Eyeball

The girls head to hair and makeup where Teyona chats them up. Teyona asks Nicole if she's nervous, and Nicole says that, surprisingly, she isn't. She feels good and ready to represent the LashBlast product, which she's used for two years. Vincent Oquendo makes up Laura and tells her that her lashes are going to be LONG. Teary Laura interviews that the Cover Girl commercial is going to be a problem for Nicole, because she has a hard time reaching out to people and making them notice her. The girls chat about the commercial, and Jay pulls out a surprise guest -- Nigel Barker! Nigel will be shooting the girls' photographs. Because top models often have to multi-task, as Jay is directing one girl on the commercial shoot, the other will be off with Nigel shooting a photograph.

Nicole is first to shoot the photo with Nigel. He tells her that she has very deep-set eyes, so when she looks downward she can cast shadows. Bad for an eye ad. Nicole tells us that she doesn't smile all that often in pictures, so this is difficult for her. However, she makes it look natural. Nigel has 100 small orgasms as he takes her picture, and tells us that Nicole came to set ready to be photographed. Not only did she look amazing, but she also modeled really well.

Laura, meanwhile, gets ready for her commercial shoot. In case you forgot, she has dyslexia and the task of memorizing and delivering lines freaks her out. Jonathan Mannion is the commercial director. Laura starts her first take, and stumbles within seconds. She continues for a few takes, but doesn't look quite so convincing as she says, "So get your LashBlast on and say aloha, world!" The line "double the drama" also figures prominently. Laura tells us that when dyslexic people are frustrated, it just makes things worse. If she starts getting frustrated and panicking, everything will go downhill. With that, we head to commercials.

When we return, Laura tells us that Cover Girl is very tongue-tying. Don't tell me they have a new MouthBlast tongue extender. Because she's dyslexic, Laura was very scared about being able to remember her lines. But then she nails it. Well, relatively nails it. Jay tells us that he knows Laura struggles with dyslexia, but she had a really good attitude about it. Every time she stumbled and stopped she picked her energy up, so each line read had the energy he was looking for. Take eleven is a particular winner, and Jay high-fives Jonathan. Laura feels like she's defeated dyslexia. This shows all dyslexic people that it's hard work, but can be done. And shows all drunk people that you CAN be functional in high-pressure situations. This is a message of hope for me, for sure.

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