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Raina and Krista return. And America's Next Top Model Is... Krista! Hooray! I feel like if you try out for this show twelve times you should at least get $100,000 for your troubles. Raina takes it all in stride, with nary a tear. She says that she's happy to have accomplished so much, experienced so much, and learned so much. She's become a model, and it won't stop here. Unless it does. But maybe it won't. Modeling is Raina's passion and dream, and she won't rest until she's annoyed as many people as possible in the fashion industry with her exceedingly positive attitude.

Raina leaves, and Tyra can heap praise upon Krista. She says that Krista is amazing. She's the embodiment of America's Next Top Model. She came in not knowing what she was doing, but she learned, listened and blossomed. There's an honesty and rawness about her that's beautiful, and the panel thinks that she could have an international career. Krista hugs all of the judges, and gives ALT the two-cheek kiss. She says that when she was young, she always wanted to see somebody who was just like her who went somewhere or did something. She never saw this in her generation, and wants to be that person. And is that person! This brings ALT to tears. Krista says that to come from Pine Bluff, where no one leaves, and to chase her dream is amazing. She hopes people can look up to her and see that she never gave up, and kept trying and pushing, and now is a Wikipedia footnote. But in all seriousness, congrats to Krista! She turned out to be more delightful, and a better model, than most of us expected, and won a lot of loot in the process.

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