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There is Tyra Mail! This occasion is so momentous that it is written in regular English, and not text speak: "One of you will rise above the other to claim the title of America's Next Top Model. But for now you're flying on the same level. So pack an overnight bag." Raina jumps up and down and freaks out and wonders where they're going, while Krista stays more mellow in her pondering. She says that being in the top two with Raina is nervewracking, because Raina overdoes everything. She's over the top all the time, and we all know by now that Krista thinks it's fake. As Raina wonders if they'll be parachuting or in a hot air balloon, Krista just shuts her down and walks away. Raina tells us that Krista just doesn't like her. Raina says she's a really happy person, and she tries to change everything that's negative into a positive. She really did get her life philosophy from watching Full House, didn't she? Raina thinks that sometimes her happy manner pisses people off for some reason. The "some reason" is that it's overdone and irritating, and also she jumps and yells a lot. Raina does seem like a lovely girl, but not one that I'd necessarily want to be around for more than 20 minutes at a time.

The girls go to the airport where a private helicopter awaits them. They're pretty excited to fly over all of gorgeous New Zealand, and Krista momentarily forgets how irritating Raina is. They land at Hurakia Lodge on Rakino Island, where a guy is waiting for them inside to welcome them with champagne and strawberries. We get a quick tour of the lodge, which is of course gorgeous and right on the water. The girls will be spending the night there, and the guy tells them to make themselves at home. As Krista and Raina try to do so, and toast to being in the final two, Miss J. walks out in a shirtdress. Krista is like, "Bitch, can I just take a minute to finish my drink?" The answer is that no, she cannot, because there is work to do.

Miss J. takes the girls outside and tells them that they need to get up tomorrow and be young, fresh and exciting, because they'll be shooting their Cover Girl commercial right in the yard of the lodge. He hands them scripts, and takes off. Krista notes that in past cycles, they've focused on one product in the commercial shoot. This time, however, they're selling the whole Blast collection -- the shadow, mascara, and lip gloss. Raina resolves to study, study, study all night -- with some eating and showering in between -- while Krista's greatest fear is that she'll have cue cards pulled on her. Raina notes that she already has her first line memorized, and could tell that Krista was nervous and unsure about how she'd do in the commercial shoot. She adds that she's a little more "fun" and flirty, which is very Cover Girl, while Krista is more focused and fierce. You must never underestimate focused and fierce, though.

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