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The next day, Jay Manuel comes to the house yelling, "Fifty percent, Tyra! Fifty percent!" in mock Krista style. He tells them that they're going to be doing a Cover Girl commercial and print ad, and the print ad will be national for the winner. To help the girls get into the Cover Girl spirit, the show has once again dragged last season's winner, Nicole, to lurk around awkwardly. Nicole, who is not the most natural reader, tells the girls that for today's print and commercial shoot they'll be given all the tools they need to wow us with a big, bold look, using Cover Girl's Blast collection. But it's not just about how they look -- they need to show us their personalities and have fun with it. The concept of the commercial is that the girls are getting ready for a hot, fun night out on the town. It's not just about their face, it's about how they translate to the world. Raina is attempting to translate through her giant teeth, which in fact may serve as some sort of satellite dishes.

Hair and makeup is basically a series of small ads for the Blast collection. When you use the smoky shadow sticks, you can take your look from day to evening in two sections. You can use two shades of Shine Blast Gloss, for double the price and twice the stickiness! Raina tells us that, spackled in gunk, she really does feel like a Cover Girl. Jay brings favorite photographer Jonathan Mannion to the set. He'll be the commercial director for today. He's very accomplished, apparently solely on the basis of shooting the Cover Girl commercial for Cycle 13. Only the best! Jay explains that while one girl is shooting the commercial, the other will shoot her print ad, and then they'll switch. So no lurking around trying to distract your opponent! Krista predicts that Raina is going to overdo it, per usual, and it will read as fake. She thinks she's more relatable than Raina, and predicts that the whole thing will be a blast! Pun intended?

Raina is first to shoot her print ad, and meets photographer Tony Drayton. She looks lovely. Tony tells us that Raina did amazingly well -- she worked it with her eyes, and knew how to emote. Her hair is pretty fabulous too. Nicole talks to Krista, who says she's focused, ready, and wants this. Nicole tells her not to put too much pressure on herself, because the important thing is the end product. Krista steps onto the commercial set looking gorgeous. She doesn't want the cue cards, and has the lines memorized. She's hoping that the commercial will be a breeze for her. Krista manages to get through her first line, and then things go awry. Suddenly we're on take seven and Krista still can't get it. Jay offers to bust out the cue cards and Krista emphatically yells, "No! No cue cards!" She can't believe that she's blanking out after being so focused for the whole competition. With Krista unable to remember a thing, we head to commercials.

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