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And hey! It's the Cover Girl Top Model Lounge! Past faves Bianca and Laura are on hand to dish about what just happened. Bianca notes that the cue cards are the kiss of death in Top Model. She knows that nerves can overtake you in the competition, but says that Krista had all night to prepare. Laura says that you can really psych yourself out. But can she excuse Krista for that? I think she will. Right now she's too drunk to care much either way.

When we return, it's Krista's take seven and she still can't get it. She calmly tells Jay to get her the cue cards, because she thinks she needs them -- her mind is going blank. Though Krista looks concerned, she tells us that this isn't going to defeat her. Jay instructs Krista that she can't just straight read the line from the card -- she'll have to glance at the card, and then go back to camera. She does better, though still stumbles a bit. However, she ends with a big smile even through her mistakes, which Jay loves. He says that most girls would crumble and fall under these circumstances -- and have, as we've seen. But Krista is making do with the situation, and can laugh it off. This also means that she doesn't need a ton of Visine and makeup touch-ups. A poised and lovely Krista finishes her lines with a bright white grin. Jay tells us that Krista was able to hold it together. If you break down and cry it's going to show on your face, which means that Jay doesn't get anything he can use. The fact is, he has a performance from Krista that he can use in the commercial.

With the commercial under her belt, Krista heads to the print ad shoot. She's wearing a backless gown, and we can see a butterfly tattoo between her shoulder blades. Krista says that Raina's face is undeniable, and so what she has to do is come across a lot stronger and show versatility. This is important, since Raina can only do that "Cortizone" look. I know she means "courtesan," but I like the idea of Raina's face serving as an anti-inflammatory. Photographer Tony tells us that Krista has an amazing smile, which makes her whole face come to life. However, given her very strong look, she can come off a bit cold when not smiling. He thinks that she struggled to find a middle ground. That middle ground? Smizing. Damn Tyra for spouting nonsense that occasionally turns out to be right!

Raina gets ready for her commercial shoot, and tells us that she has her lines absolutely memorized. She thinks she'll do well, since she has a very Cover Girl personality. Raina begins, and for some reason has one very wonky eye. Maybe someone accidentally stabbed it with the smoky eye pencil? Raina tries to do a quick, flirty side glance, but ends up forgetting her lines right after. Not a coincidence! Jay tells her not to choreograph herself. But Raina can't stop! She has side glancing, head nodding choreography prepared and she intends to use it. Raina interviews that she was lacking her usual spark, which is probably because she was so intent on memorizing her lines and proving that she didn't need cue cards. She needs to relax a bit and shake it out. She definitely knows her lines, but her performance is a bit lackluster and lacks believability. Jonathan tells her that she's gotten the delivery of the words, but needs to model at the same time. And seriously, what's up with that eye? Jay says that Raina knew all her lines, but is unable to deliver a line and model at the same time. In a beauty commercial, it's clearly important to deliver the line and model through.

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