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Krista Almighty

The show opens with some circus performers, including a guy juggling bowling pins, a lady with a hula hoop, and some dude with Get In Shape, Girl! ribbons. The performers are followed by Nicole, in a high-fashion ringmaster outfit. She still is not the world's best runway walker, but her hair is sure pretty. Angelea emerges and does a modified club walk, which is extremely exciting. There are some real models, and then Krista! She bounces out on the runway in her sleek bob, and looks really cute. She knows that she doesn't have a naturally playful runway walk -- she's more strong and edgy -- but she's pushing herself to do what she needs to do. And she's doing it well! She's going to stomp Raina out. Krista celebrates her first walk, and is immediately sent to change into her next look.

After a bit, Raina walks out. She's wearing a great outfit, and is looking a bit like a rock n' roll schoolgirl. Everyone's looking at her, she says, and it's her time to shine. Raina smiles and claims not to be nervous. She's having fun, and does a self-proclaimed "cute pose" at the end of the runway, which unfortunately comes off as rather awkward. She looks less like a linebacker than ever, though, so that's progress. Alasia walks out, followed by Alexandra, who looks gargantuan in a hippy babydoll dress. That is really too bad. She plays air guitar at the end of the runway, which, despite Tyra's nod of approval, is just weird.

Raina and Krista are outfitted in their second looks. Krista says that, even though it's completely chaotic backstage, it's like heaven to be a part of it. She's gotten a catwalk contact high. For their second pass, the girls will have to walk in pairs. Raina says it's hard to do, but visually pleasing to the audience. Several pairs of models head out, including Jessica and Angelea, who do a butt-bump. And then it's time for Krista and Raina to walk together. They manage not to trip each other or scratch each others' eyes out. Raina always seems to walk half a step ahead of Krista, though, which has to be annoying. Tyra remarks that they're both so good, and Raina blows an air kiss as they head backstage again. And then the show is over. Krista says she feels like she's on Cloud 25, and would like to do the whole thing two or three times more. Raina tells us that she's close to winning, and in fact wants it more than ever now. With a backstage celebration, we head to commercials.

After the break, Tyra talks to the girls backstage. She asks Krista what makes her extra special, and why she should win. Krista says that she has a great walk, and brought her personality to it. She didn't go crazy, because she didn't want to be fake. Tyra then asks Krista if she felt pretty growing up. Krista gets a little teary as she says that she didn't always feel like she was pretty, but in high school she discovered who she was. If she wins the competition, she wants to go out and talk to dark skinny girls who don't think they're pretty. Krista says that she's as imperfect as anyone else, but she loves herself. She wants other people to see that in her, so they know that they can do the same thing. It's really easy once you find who you are, she says. Tyra tells Krista that her calling is bigger than herself. She's showing girls who look like her that they're beautiful. Krista says that she knows how hard it is to be a dark, skinny girl, and so wants to go out and be an inspiration to all the supermodels-in-training who currently suffer from low self-esteem.

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