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Tyra then asks Raina how she thinks she did. Raina thinks she did well, and says that it was one of the first times that she really let loose and had fun. Tyra asks how it feels to get so far in the competition. Raina says that even two years ago, she could have never walked on a runway. She feels like she's transformed into a model. Tyra clearly isn't getting what she wants, so asks Raina to talk about when she felt the lowest. Raina says that she was picked on a lot as a tall, gangly, big-lipped and big-eyebrowed girl. Tyra jumps all over this, saying that it's the different and odd things that make us beautiful. Unless you're talking, like, a third arm. Though imagine the wonders you could do with a jacket then! Raina used to be insecure, but now she's become a super-confident model. Pretty people loving themselves! Victory.

And then we're at panel! From the waist up, Tyra looks amazing. She's wearing a violet strapless contraption that goes severely straight across her collarbone. She says that Krista and Raina look absolutely stunning, and today all the dreck is gone. Wait until we pan down on Tyra. The dreck remains in the form of an oddly puffy crotch. Now we can all have nightmares of murderous jumpsuits throughout the summer. But back to our finalists. Both girls have come so far -- from Pine Bluff, Arkansas, and Minnetonka, Minnesota, respectively. There are prizes -- a contract with Wilhelmina Models, a six-page spread and cover of Seventeen, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl. There are judges -- Nigel Barker, Andre Leon Talley, and Miss J. Alexander in a very feathery hat.

Krista and Raina both step forward for their critiques. Krista's runway walk in the Anna Sui show gets some criticism from Jay, who still isn't a fan of her short, staccato steps. However, ALT thought she was extraordinary. She looked bouncy, and like she was walking on air. And it seemed real. Tyra was nervous, because she wasn't sure if high-fashion Krista could pull off something light and airy. But when she saw Krista's smile, she was commercial and high-fashion at the same time. There was a certain energy and pep that Tyra liked a lot, even if there was a bit of cheese in it. Raina's walk was a bit heavy-footed, according to Miss J. However, she smiled and looked cute and it slightly worked at times. Is that a compliment? ALT says that Raina was a Clydesdale. However, she had a beautiful smile. Tyra thought that Raina was freshness and happiness and had air in her hair. She was shocked that Raina walked like a real model, and actually liked the Clydesdale clomp.

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