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We then see the girls' Cover Girl print ads. Raina's is beautiful, gentle, delicate and fresh, according to Nigel. ALT agrees that Raina has a freshness about her that's very American girl-next door. However, he'd like to see more twinkle and excitement in her eye. Miss J. says that Krista's photo is in-your-face beauty, however it needs a bit more "oomph" from inside. Tyra agrees. She thinks that the photo is stunning and Krista's face is beautiful, but she's not smiling with her eyes. I always hate to admit when Tyra's right, but in this case she totally hit it. Smizing is kind of a real thing, and Krista's eyes are dead. She's not connecting to the woman who's turning the page, and needs to demand that the consumer first fall in love with her and then with crappy Cover Girl spackle by association.

Then it's time to see the Cover Girl commercial. It is, per usual, rather mediocre. I do kind of want to try that giant smoky shadow pencil, though. Nigel tells Raina that she has charming, upbeat, and clear timbre to her voice, and that she enunciates well. However, she forgets her eyes. Wonky eye! Tyra agrees that Raina was squinty. ALT found that Raina didn't use one of her biggest assets in the commercial -- her gorgeous smile. He also thought that she was reading from a teleprompter (which she wasn't!), and didn't see any of her charm or personality come through in a Cover Girl way. Tyra wanted her to be more natural and smizey. Krista admits that she blanked on the lines and needed cue cards. Nigel says that's okay, but it's important to remember not to lose yourself. Tyra agrees, and adds that the directors love the moment in between and the moment before, because that's where the beauty is. I think her jumpsuit crotch is cutting off her circulation again. The good news for Krista is that the light loves her. Her skin looked amazing and luminescent.

The girls are dismissed as the panel deliberates. ALT says that both girls came through big time throughout the cycle, and both showed strength and the ability to learn. Visually, both are remarkable, according to Nigel. He then loses me as he says, "They really are literally chalk and cheese." First of all, what does that even mean? Second of all, literally? They're LITERALLY chalk and cheese? Well then make me a tuna melt, draw some pictures on the sidewalk and call it a day. Nigel would say that Krista's a better model with the whole body, but when it comes to the face Raina's got it. Tyra asks ALT about the girls' international appeal. ALT thinks that Raina would be good for the English market, where courtesans are always in. Krista would be more of an international model. She represents high fashion, and also has the ability to evoke sophistication. Miss J. says that Krista would be great for runway shows and might get a few editorials, whereas Raina would be great for pictures as opposed to shows. Nigel thinks that Raina could be successful enough in the U.S. that she wouldn't have to go global. ALT argues that girls today want to be global, and that they're looking for girls who will take it to the next level. Nigel concedes that Krista brings more drama. Raina has some drama, but he feels more heart with Krista. With that, the judges have reached a decision. Though both girls are great, Nigel reminds everyone that there can only be one winner.

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