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The judges deliberate. Tatianna shows great emotional range in her photo, and was also great in the Cover Girl commercial challenge. Jessica's photo falls flat to Nigel and ALT, who thinks that she is and always was super boring. Tyra likes it, though, and says there's something Twilight-ish. There is universal praise for Alasia's photo, which is dynamic and sexy. All the elements SHOULD add up to skanky, but they don't. Big win. Brenda doesn't do it for Dania, and ALT adds that she would make a fabulous housewife. Oh, burn. But he's totally right. Angelea's photo is dreckitude and no-neckitude. Dania thinks that Krista is beautiful, but she doesn't buy her as a model. Tyra and ALT conjecture about exactly which type of dookie Krista was smelling in her photo. That can't be good. Anslee sucks, and makes excuses for everything that's going on. As Nigel says, "Don't make excuses. Get it right." Raina wins, always. Simone's photo is contrived, and doesn't have any magic. Dania says that Simone is a beautiful girl, but she's not convinced about her potential. Tyra wonders if Mr. Jay has to break Simone to make her. Nigel is really hung up on Alexandra's similar poses, and notes that it's too early in her career for her to have a signature. ALT has a signature pose of his own, which involves holding his old, saggy face up with a finger while simultaneously looking very wise. This is why he's a genius and we are mere mortals who don't even wear cloaks all that often.

Ten beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has nine photos in her hands. These represent the nine who are still in the running to become America's Next Top Model. The first model called, who also has the best photo of the week, is Alasia! For the second week in a row! Raina is called next, followed by Tatianna, Brenda, Alexandra, Angelea, Jessica, and Krista. This leaves Anslee and Simone in the bottom two. Anslee has amazing bone structure, but her last few photo shoots have the judges nervous. The photos are falling flat. And the judges do not like excuses. Then there's Simone, who also has strong potential. She's been given the critique to really push, but it doesn't come across in her photos. She seems to be stuck inside of herself. So who stays in the competition? It's Anslee. Oh, boo. I really enjoyed Simone. Anslee tearfully accepts her photos, and takes responsibility for her own failings with a humble, "Yes, ma'am." Tyra hugs Simone and tells her that she needs to do testing galore when she gets home, and study her film. She tells Simone that this is an industry for her, and she shouldn't give up. It's true that Simone is totally gorgeous, and seems like she should be a good model. She packs up and says that she's disappointed, and feels like she didn't use her tools to be successful to the fullest. She's going to take Tyra's advice and focus on modeling, because she still has time. She plans to get more comfortable in front of the camera. Simone heads down the street with her suitcase, looking fly as she goes.

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