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Simone is up next, and gets no such praise. Nigel says that her photo is ungainly, and she could be a lot more sensual. She looks like a mannequin. Tyra suspects that in her head, Simone thinks she's pushing. In reality, however, she's sadly not doing very much. Then there's Angelea. Nigel thinks her photo is interesting, cool, and different, but her head could be thrown back more. Tyra agrees. ALT says that Angelea's foot hanging out of the bathtub with the dangling toes has taken this to the dreckitude moment of the hour. Krista's photo looks crazy. She seems like she's levitating, and neither Dania nor Tyra like her face. I think it actually looks kind of deliciously evil and shows her fangs off to great advantage. But Tyra thinks it looks like she's smelled dookie.

Raina is next, and the judges ooze praise about the dark, edgy energy in her angry, fierce photo. Nigel loves that Raina has grabbed C.J.'s tie and is bringing him into the shot while still making herself the center. Alexandra gets more mellow praise. ALT says that she looks like she's having a real vampire romance with C.J. Dania loves the photo, and particularly the length of her neck. Nigel has noticed that Alexandra has used a similar pose to this before. It might ultimately become her signature, but in the meantime she needs to find some other strong angles. The judges fawn over Brenda's hair, even though it looks like crap. Tyra loves Brenda's photo, saying that her eyes are boring through her soul. It looks like Brenda has just been bitten, and now wants to bite Tyra. Oh, if only. ALT isn't crazy about her legs, but says that the way her hands are connected to C.J.'s saves her.

Last but not least is Anslee, and her tacky-backed shirt. The judges laugh at her. Dania notes that Anslee is giving a lot more personality than she did during the commercial challenge, and asks if she's shy. Anslee gives the deafness excuse, and gets skeptical looks from the judges. Tyra tells Anslee that she should listen more. Well, if she legitimately couldn't hear, listening isn't actually going to help. I think the lesson is that you need to figure out what you're being asked to do before you do it, one way or another. Nigel thinks Anslee's shot is meh, and looks confused. ALT doesn't like how she's holding onto the tub, either. [This leads to Tyra gyrating inappropriately. Naturally. -- AC] Anslee says she agrees, but that she was told to grab the tub. Nigel points out that this is her second excuse of the evening. She should get in control of her own destiny.

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