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My Heart Belongs to Fatty

The judges all give Whitney mad love, and Tyra reminds her that she's the first girl with booty to win America's Next Top Model. And the correct term is "full-figured model." Paulina thinks that the correct term should be, "beautiful." And, you know, the time had come for the big girl to win the show. Otherwise, Tyra would have finally been forced to admit that she needs to stop casting them. And Anya was a really good sport about being robbed, so who are we to judge? Fix or no, she's better than Saleisha. Whitney tells us that there have definitely been times when she looked in the mirror and looked at other girls and thought that she wasn't like them. She was always judged, and always wondered if she was different or if there was something wrong with her. Yeah, like the time she had to be fork-lifted out of her bedroom window to get to her graduation. I mean, come on. Some people really are oppressed out there. But anyway, she feels good about herself, and wants other women in America to feel better about themselves. And she's a great role model to the few girls in America who don't want to starve themselves or get plastic surgery. They're beautiful from the inside out. Whitney feels amazing. The judges do a series of poses with Whitney, she screams that she's America's Next Top Model, and with that, another cycle has come to a close...except for the reunion show! If it means more Marvita, I'm there.

Kisses and fiercenesses to you all for reading!

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