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And then instantly we're at the final judging! There are prizes -- a contract with Elite Model Management, a cover and six-page spread in Seventeen, and a $100,000 contract with Cover Girl cosmetics. And there are judges -- noted fashion photographer Nigel Barker, runway diva coach extraordinaire Miss J. Alexander, and legendary supermodel Paulina Porizkova. The judges evaluate the girls' runway performances. Anya didn't bring it as strong as she could have or should have, according to Miss J. She looks like a wind-up doll. Paulina says that, to be fair, the dress was very tight and forced her to take very small steps. Miss J. is having none of that excuse-making. There's a way to move in a dress like that and look elegant, he says. Tyra thinks that Anya was stunning on the runway, and that the camera and the light love her face. Whitney delivered straight-out, says Miss J. Nigel didn't like what she did in the first outfit at all, but says that she saved herself with her second walk. Tyra saw a flashback to herself in the olden days, when she used to do just a little bit too much. However, that was what put her on the map and made her stand out. She tells Whitney that she did a great job, but didn't pose at the end of the runway to give the photographers a good shot.

The judges then review the girls' portfolios. Anya made a fierce homeless person, while Whitney had a certain angst in her eyes. Anya had an issue with finding the light in her punk rock music shot, while Whitney had a convincing ugly pretty face as a grunge kid. Anya was a fabulous troll doll in her Fuerzabruta shot, while Whitney was a not so fabulous fetus. Whitney was pretty in her Italian paparazzo shot, but her male partner overshadowed her. Anya's shot was great, and Nigel says that she's a little Tasmanian devil on set -- she takes risks, and sometimes they work out by mistake. Tyra thinks that Anya looks like a mannequin, in a good way.

The judges deliberate. Miss J. thinks that Whitney was amazing on the runway, and Tyra was gobsmacked to realize that Whitney was alive. She did a damn good job in a Versace dress. Paulina adds that she looked gorgeous, but then notes that as she looked at that runway, she saw one budding high-fashion model -- that would be Anya -- and a ham. That would be the plus-sized girl. I. Love. It. Paulina for sure wins the title of America's Next Top Model's Next Top Judge. Ham with gravy. Nigel and Tyra are both surprised that Anya's runway was relatively weak, and that she fell apart.

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