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Next, we focus on Kayla for a little while. She says that the last panel was really rough. Isis went home, and Kayla started feeling uneasy. We then see her lying in bed and saying that her heart is racing and she feels really dizzy. Dominique asks her what she's taken, and I think basically she doped herself up with like five Advil. Laura runs to get Bianca and Bre, who actually are the two people in that house that I'd go to in a moment of crisis. They go straight to Kayla, who's now crying. Bianca tries to get her to sit up, while Allison's eyes grow three times their already huge size and she looks at the cameras nervously. Bianca remains calm as she tries to get Kayla to drink some water, but as Kayla starts hyperventilating she tells someone (I assume the camera folks or producers) to tell someone (I assume the producers or a medic) that it's an emergency. Next thing we know, a guy in black is attending to Kayla, who is throwing up. Angelea recaps the symptoms for us: vomiting; gasping for air; really fast heart rate. Allison explains that the situation went from frightening to requiring an ambulance, and soon enough we see Kayla being attended to by EMTs. As one of them states that they need to get her to the hospital ASAP, we cut to the insane credits. And NO, Tyra, for the last time, I DON'T WANT SOME.

When we return, the girls actually seem to be genuinely concerned about Kayla. Whereas in a regular season the models might be secretly thrilled about a competitor possibly exiting due to a serious illness and/or death, Dominique says that she hopes Kayla returns in good health. At 2:12 AM Kayla returns to the house with Laura by her side. Laura looks extra adorable, in part because Kayla is looking so rough. The other girls give Kayla a warm welcome when they see her, and Kayla tells us that she was diagnosed with cardiac arrhythmia. Cardiac arrhythmia can be caused by stress, caffeine or a number of other factors. I'm surprised all of us haven't succumbed to the stress/caffeine disease, to tell you the truth. How are we not a nation of cardiac arrhythmiacs? My right eye won't stop twitching. Is that related? Kayla reminds us that the Top Model house is kind of a stressful place, and then jokes that she'll probably be eliminated because she's a liability. If the vagus nerve girl stuck around for a while, I think Kayla will be okay too.

With medical crises over, there is Tyra Mail! "It would be a crime to miss this action! Fierce and love, Tyra." The girls correctly surmise that they are in for an acting challenge. The next day they arrive at Stage 25, where Jay Manuel tells them that they're going to be auditioning for a role on CSI! There is much celebration. Bianca tells us that most of the all-stars would like to branch into acting, however she doubts that anyone other than herself can truly do everything. By "everything" I guess she means acting AND modeling. If Andie MacDowell can maintain a tenuous grasp on both, it's truly possible for anyone.

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