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Next, we have Camille. She reminds us that she's thirty-three and, in addition to having more bills than everyone else, she's at the age where Express assumes she's already six feet under. You guys, Camille is so depressing this season. She says that she needs to bring her A-game to the shoot, then does so by nearly falling down the stairs in her heels. Jay says that she's giving about 60 percent of what he'd expect from her in this scenario. Camille does have the advantage of not being dressed in something absolutely hideous. Jay says that they had to push and push and push to get Camille to a place where she was really delivering diva. This does not bode well!

Finally, we have Lisa in her sequined silver pants. She tells the male models that she's the cool chick, the cojones in the group, and the one who's got the swag. They look particularly unimpressed as Jay tells everyone else on set just to let her go for it. Lisa wants to prove how bad-ass she is, and enacts this plan by jumping from the stairs to the ground repeatedly. Jay does not hesitate to tell her that it was not look pretty. He says to us that everything she did involved bending and twisting her legs, so it looked like she was doing a double sow-cow. Let's allow Angelea to sum it up for us: "Lisa was kind of painful to watch...I thought it was all bad." Jay suggests that Lisa interact with the guys more, perhaps by letting them pick her up. They do with audible groans. They then kind of toss her around a little, as Lisa reminds us about how wild and fun she is. Express Lisa does not look pleased with this whole scenario. And with that, it's a wrap!

Back at the model house, there's skull and crossbones Tyra Mail. Someone's going home. Camille tells us that she's worried, because she's older than everyone else and doesn't have the time to accomplish her goals. She adds that it won't be as simple to bounce back as it will be for the other girls in the house. In many respects, a stint on Top Model is akin to a hip replacement. I'm guessing that Camille came back for the all-stars season because she needed the money, but ended up with a hefty self-esteem deficit. This is why I don't go to the gym of the university where I work. Being on the elliptical next to a 19 year old just isn't good for a lady in her 30s. Kayla tells us that she was in the emergency room two days ago, but she managed to persevere through an acting challenge and a photo shoot. Triumph of the spirit! She did this all while going through what she characterizes as a mini heart attack. That certainly makes it sound more serious than caffeine-induced flutters. Kayla assures us that she wants to win this competition more than ever. Lisa talks to Shannon about her photo shoot, and notes that she felt like the male models were really tired and devoid of energy. We cut to an interview of her saying that she doesn't know what the future holds or if she'll be going home next, then head to commercials.

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