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Allison is next, looking adorable as usual. Anthony loves her picture, even though I think it kind of looks like the male model is molesting a fluffy teddy bear. Nigel finds it interesting that Allison seems so awkward in person, but she's completely relaxed in her photos. He kind of laughs as he says that there's a disconnect. And judging by her expression, I think he just hurt Allison's feelings! That's not okay. ALT says that there's a wonderful mood in Allison's face, and it works.

Camille is next, and her photo is problematic as expected. Anthony says that it's dangerous for her, because you could crop out the three male models, and it wouldn't look like they were engaged in the shot at all. They kind of look like her security guards. Nigel wants to see more activity in Camille's eyes. Camille tells the panel that it looks like the shot where she slipped down the stairs, and Nigel gets that funny "excuses, excuses" look in his eyes. Tyra says that the supporting models outshone Camille, and it was a challenge to find any shots where she was active and engaged in the story, as opposed to just being pretty and standing there. Camille looks rather upset, and is probably thinking about how her cable has been shut off by now and she won't even be able to watch this when it airs.

Lisa is next, wearing a giant version of a baby headband/bow. I don't know, you guys. Tyra notes that Lisa has a lot of energy right now, but was apparently lethargic during her acting challenge. Anthony says that he knows it had been a long day for her, and she was the last model to go, but she came in the door looking defeated. Lisa says she faced an hour and a half of not having a script, which contained words that she already didn't know how to pronounce, then adds that she didn't think she had enough time. No one is happy with this response, and Anthony gets the "excuses, excuses" look this time. Lisa's photo comes up, and ALT says that he's at a loss for words. He isn't really, though, because he continues to speak. Even though the photo looks happy, he says, it doesn't come off as happy to him. While it doesn't come off as tragic, it comes off as bogus. Lisa's baby headband does come off as tragic, I would say. Lisa pipes in to say that the male models were really hungry, and kept talking about how grumpy they were, so she didn't want to push them harder. Nigel says that there seem to be a lot of issues and excuses and things happening that are holding Lisa back. Tyra says that the client doesn't care about Lisa's paltry excuses, and she needs to get the male models in check and pumped up to get through the shoot. Anthony points out that Lisa should say, "This is my career. Starve and pose." I think that's what Bianca would say, actually.

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