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Speaking of Bianca, she's next. She claims that she's not naturally a big flirt, but wanted to pull the guys in with her eyes and with a come hither look. Nigel says that's interesting, because she's not actually looking at any of the other guys or the camera. The guy to her right is really working it, though, and even pulling his own hair in sexual frustration. Angelea is next, and Anthony clearly still loves her. She pronounces gas chromatograph mass spectrometer just for the fun of it, and adds a little "ding!" for emphasis. She's so great. Her socialite photo is pretty great, and ALT tells her that she looks like a Russian wife. It's 716 via Moscow. Tyra points out that Angelea is giving a fabulous representation of a new money socialite.

Next is Shannon, as the girlfriend. Anthony likes the physicality of the picture, and Nigel adds that it's super commercial and very girlfriend-y. Tyra says that if she's flipping through a magazine, she looks at Shannon's face first, and then goes, "Whoa!" At first I thought she meant because it looks so hard and aged, but it's actually a compliment. Tyra then looks at and covets the accessories, which shows that Shannon has, in fact, been modeling since her original Top Model stint.

The judges deliberate. Nigel loves Laura's shot, and says she looks beautiful and engaging even though the body language could use some finessing. Allison is very photogenic, and ALT says that she's working the innocent doll persona. Nigel would like to see her be more in control of what and who she is. Kayla's body language is great, and Anthony says that though she commands your attention, he'd like to feel like something deeper is happening inside her. Dominique's photo is great, and in fact is one of ALT's favorites of her ever. Nigel lies that Alexandria looks gorgeous and incredible, but tells the truth in that it skews forty-plus. Anthony compliments the same male model who was working it in Bianca's shot. Camille is pretty, but the personality is not there. ALT is fatigue of Camille's stiff and emotionally vacant beauty pageantry. Tyra adds that perfect is boring. ALT is through with Lisa's excuses, and adds that he doesn't know any model who even knows the names of the male models in a shoot, much less worries about them being hungry. He adds an emphatic and puzzled, "What is this?" Nigel says that Lisa's smile might be great, but this is a clothing ad, and the clothes look wretched. And, again, that is not entirely her fault.

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