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Smooth as Silkworms

The models each parade in front of Jay and Clement and give a little speech about what they did. Alisha wore a gray scarf, because Clement told her she should wear gray. Inventive! Laura says that the simple form of herself is the best form of herself, and Clement tells her that he can already feel some changes in her energy. Sophie went for bohemian red plus undergarments, to express her fire and passion for winning the competition. Catherine went so far in her efforts to green herself up that she's wearing green lipstick. Clement tells her that this is not a great option, I think less for astrological reasons than fashion ones. Annaliese's wood and water outfit is a hit, and Eboni goes with a red and purple ensemble to represent the fire that she needs to bring out. Clement says that everyone did well in this useless challenge, but the winner is Laura. In a move that further complicates her aura, she chooses Eboni to share in the prize with her. Since they dislike each other, it's a bit of an awkward girls' day out.

When everyone gets back to the house, there is more Tyra Mail. "Prepare to meet some smooth operators. Fierce and love, Tyra." Though the ladies think their shoot might have something to do with dragons, when they meet up with Jay Manuel, he tells them that they'll be wearing gowns made of one of China's most famous fabrics: silk. They'll also be "accessorized" with the producers of silk. Yes, that would be silkworms. And boy, silkworms really are nasty looking little creatures, aren't they? As the girls squirm in the manner of a squirmy slimy silkworm, we head to commercials.

When we return, Jay tells the models that he really wants to see emotion in their eyes, and not just body language. If that emotion is "squick," then so be it. The photographer for the day is Paul Tsang. The girls head to hair and makeup, and we get a glimpse of the gorgeous dresses. Alisha wants to get used to the silkworm feeling, so picks a silkworm/model named Edwin out of the big silkworm box. Edwin has walked the runway for such high-end shows as Worm Wormerfeld and Wormes St. Wormant, so is truly a collaborator of the highest stature. Sophie asks Edwin to smize, and he does even through what appears to be a bandage on his head. That is very avant-garde.

We get a glimpse of Barney Cheng, who designed all of the gorgeous silk dresses and also Edwin's head bandage. Eboni tells us that Barney is one of Forbes' most influential designers from Hong Kong, and I would add that he just seems like he'd be a good time. All of the models have sleek black bob wigs, I guess to Asia up the joint. Annaliese says that the judges always tell her that she's too commercial, and so she's on a mission to show her other sides. Like, for example, silkworm-loving sides. She stands looking gorgeous in her elegant pink column dress as Edwin and his brethren are placed all over her body and the dress. At one point she looks like she might barf, but gets over it quickly. Jay wants emotion from the models, and when Annaliese starts she's too pantomime. However, she eventually gets into the groove and takes direction well. Barney thinks that she worked the dress well, and gave a sultry Helmut Newton vibe. Annaliese is finished just in time to prevent Edwin from taking a trip down her cleavage. He's so fresh!

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