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The judges deliberate. Laura really delivered, and has an incredible turtle neck. Cutrone says that she's woven an amazing blanket of culture, couture and consciousness. What does that even mean? What do those three things have to do with a blanket? Eboni has great body language, according to Nigel, but the fact that she has no neck is a disaster. Barney says that it's not high fashion, but is a little bit interesting. Cutrone notes that they all like Eboni in person, but push her along from week to week in hopes that one day she'll actually look like a model. Poor Catherine's photo is a disaster. Nigel says that they all like her, but at this point it's about results. Cutrone pipes in that she also can't walk. Tyra says that there are weeks when Catherine's photos aren't that strong, but her performance in the video showed something special and magical. Alisha has forgotten that modeling is about selling clothes. Barney out and out says that the dress looks horrible, which is not good. Cutrone admits that Annaliese's photo is great, but says that she's still not really a model. Nigel points out that her photos are getting better and better, and Barney also is a fan. Tyra, however, is not sure if it's a great photo for Annaliese, or a great photo of a model. And then there's Sophie. Nigel thinks that her photo is average. Barney is okay with the shot because his dress looks good, but says that the model could be anyone.

Six beautiful young ladies stand before Tyra, but she only has five photos in her hands. And those photos represent the girls who are still in the running towards becoming America's Next Top Model. And the model with the best photo of the week is... Laura! Well-deserved, in this case. Annaliese is called next, followed by Sophie and Eboni. This leaves Catherine and Alisha in the bottom two. Alisha made an amazing dress look less than it is on a hanger, forgetting the cardinal rule that you're not selling yourself, but a product. And then there's Catherine. She's done well in the competition, but her photo this week was weak. So who stays? It's Alisha. Catherine is going out really looking busted, too. It's a shame.

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