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Angelea is getting a big-ass weave made of Tyra's old hair, right down to the bangs. Angelea describes herself as "fantasticals," showing that pronouncing Givenchy isn't the only thing she's picked up from Tyra and the Jays. She also says that she's fierce, fine, fabulous, and ready to kick ass in the competition. She knows that bitches are going to be hating on her, and actually seems to be looking forward to it. Raina is getting chocolate brown hair, which makes her look exactly like Peter Gallagher in a wig. Tyra leaves the brows as is, obviously. Then there's Alasia, who pledges to Jay that she'll be ferocious. She's getting some body and curl and clip-ins. She loves her girly curlies, and feels bouncy and sophisticated. Anslee is another weepy one who's getting a shorter cut. She's sad to say goodbye to her hair, but in the end says that her new cut is more high fashion. It does suit her, I think.

Tatianna and her dark gorgeous hair reminds Tyra of Angelina Jolie (with an inverse gum to tooth ratio in the front), and so she gets a long blonde weave. Tatianna says that she can rock any hair. Ehhh, still untested. Jessica is next, and is getting chocolate brown hair to sexify herself. Basically, she has the same hair as Raina. She loves it. With the makeovers at an end, Jay tells the girls that this is only the start of their transition towards becoming a top model. That transition is going to continue as the girls move into their new loft! Yes, they get a fierce NYC loft. It's huge and tacky and gorgeous, and features a lot of bunk beds and a built-in runway. Alasia tells us that you could have a rave in the tub. That's how fabulous it is. There's a balcony with a great city view. No hot tub shenanigans this season, but I'm okay with that.

For once there are apparently enough beds for everyone in the house, so the insta-drama revolves around the closet. Anslee is silly enough to think that everyone should get an equal section of the closet. Angelea says, "Don't talk about what I get and I cain't get." Thankfully for us, the counseling didn't stick. Alexandra tells us that the altercation between Angelea and Anslee is the clashing of identical personalities. The fact that Anslee is secretly stank makes her a lot more interesting. Angelea tells Anslee that she's not her mama, and waves a finger. But Anslee tells us that Angelea does not scare or intimidate or bother her. Angelea can't take "corrective criticism," and Anslee predicts that she'll break down and fall apart. We can only hope, friend. Commercials.

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