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When we return, there's more Angelea-related house drama. Brenda tells us that when Angelea so much as walks into a room she brings an air of negativity, which is the last thing anyone needs right now. Angelea eats a piece of pizza and kind of stares and smirks at Brenda. Brenda asks why Angelea's scowling at her, and says it's rude. Angelea confessionalizes a correction. It's not a stare. It's a "bitch please" look. Fair enough. Angelea demonstrates the bitch please look for us. It's like, bitch please. I just practiced the bitch please look for about four minutes, and think I finally have it down. Angelea says that this is the look she gives when she's not feeling someone. You know how your mom always told you that your face would freeze like that? Well, there's something to that theory.

Brenda talks to the other girls about what it's like to be on the other side of the bitch please look. Alasia confronts Angelea about it, because stank deserves stank in equal measure. Angelea points out in a finger-waving manner that Alasia wasn't even in the kitchen when it happened and so has no right to comment on it. Ren interviews that it's quite different to live with girls. Because we're all catty bitches at heart, don't you know, and not all of us have the political sensitivity to grow our armpit hair for women's rights. Angelea and Alasia continue to conversate, with Angelea saying that Alasia formed an opinion based on what someone else said. Alasia says that she avoids Angelea because she's stank and always wants to fight. Krista pipes in, "You're misunderstood." She joins the discussion, mostly because she wants to give it to Alasia. Krista has a neck and knows how to use it. She accuses Alasia of fakery. Fakery is as good a way as any of getting yourself cast on this show. Or, at least it's the next best way to being a genuine nutter. Fighting, fighting, yelling, etc. Jessica confesionalizes that fighting is not cool. Alasia walks away, which Krista and Angelea give her shit for. In the confessional, Alasia says that the "bitch please" clique create problems and issues. And that's why we love them.

Tyra Mail! "top models get maximum exposure. u must learn how to cover urself. Luv, Tyra." Banned from the forums! Also, this is going to get old REALLY fast. As in, by the first solitary "u". The girls meet Mr. Jay at their first photo shoot and he introduces them to wardrobe stylist Joanne Konjevod and tells them that they'll be modeling designs from Custo Barcelona. But here's the thing. The girls will have the opportunity to pick one item of clothing. The rest of them is going to be nude! With that fantasticals news and a cut to shocked reactions, the episode ends.

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